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Homeonwer Refuses Neighbor To Use Their Driveway After Abusing Their Permission, And Now Neighbor Calls Them Rude And Selfish

by Heide Lazaro

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It’s always the better choice to be kind and do good to your neighbors. However, if they start abusing your kindness, it’s a whole different story.

This homeowner agreed to a favor that their neighbor asked, knowing how the neighbor struggles with their narrow driveway. However, when it wasn’t working out and he had to stop the favor, the neighbor started calling them mean things.

Here’s what happened…

AITA for not letting my neighbor use my driveway to access their home?

I live in a suburban neighborhood where the houses are fairly close together.

My next-door neighbor’s house is situated behind mine, and their driveway is narrow and difficult to drive. As a result, they often struggle to park their large SUV in their own driveway.

The neighbor asked for a favor.

Recently, my neighbor came to me and asked if they could use my driveway to park their car and access their home.

They told me that it would only be temporary, and that it would make their lives much easier. Initially, I was hesitant, but I agreed to let them use my driveway on a trial basis.

The supposed temporary arrangement was slowly becoming permanent.

However, after a few weeks, I noticed that their car was constantly parked in my driveway, making it difficult for me to access my own garage.

Plus, their guests started using my driveway as well, creating even more congestion.

So, OP thought it was time to get his driveway back.

I spoke to my neighbor, and explained that the situation wasn’t working out for me, and I asked them to stop using my driveway.

They became upset and argued that I was being selfish and rude to them.

I mean I really know their situation, but I feel that my driveway is my personal space, and I shouldn’t have to give it up for their convenience.

AITA for not letting my neighbor use my driveway to access their home?

Let’s find out what the commenters have to say about this situation.

Yes, they knew what they were getting, so why blame OP?

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This user says the neighbors were taking advantage of them.

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This commenter thinks OP doesn’t owe their neighbors anything.

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Not your problem, OP.

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Here’s a good analogy.

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Some people just don’t know how to be appreciative.

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