June 22, 2024 at 10:35 am

‘This is not giving out good vibes.’ – Woman Found A Home On Zillow That Looks Like It Was Used For Really Nefarious Reasons

by Ashley Ashbee

Source: TikTok/@homes.tastrophes

Anyone who browses Zillow is probably used to seeing unusual pictures, but these ones takes the cake.

This viral video about a disturbing Zillow listing was posted by TikToker @homes.tastrophes and it has 2 million Likes.

“At first this looks like a totally normal midwestern home. But then right after the kitchen is this.” She points to a large photography lamp pointing to the bed.

Source: TikTok/@homes.tastrophes

“Normally those of you in my comments are quick to say, ‘Maybe there’s some trafficking going on’ and normally I’m like, ‘Pump the breaks.’ but this is not giving out good vibes.”

If you’re not familiar with human trafficking, it means that people, in many cases children, are kidnapped or lured to going with people who bring you somewhere.

They keep you there against your will to make money off of you via sex work or pornography.

Source: TikTok/@homes.tastrophes

She has another reasons for doubting a family lives here: “These Steelers sheets have only ever been purchased by single men.”

Then she shows a wide bleacher-like set of stairs facing what looks like a stage.

“Maybe it’s for watching football?” She’s being open minded, but has serious doubts.

Source: TikTok/@homes.tastrophes

“If this is just for your friends to hang out, don’t you feel a bit weird asking them to use these bathrooms?”

They are extremely filthy and need serious maintenance.

It’s unclear why someone would post such hideous, concerning photos for a listing.

Watch the full clip here.


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Check out what folks are saying.

A few people said it used to be a dry cleaners. Presumably they looked this up, but no sources were given.

Source: TikTok/@homes.tastrophes

A lot of people thought it was a trap house, which is basically a house drug dealers use as an office. I’m skeptical.

Source: TikTok/@homes.tastrophes

That would be pretty hideous content if you ask me…

Source: TikTok/@homes.tastrophes

I wouldn’t be comfortable here, either. I’d also worry about mould.

Source: TikTok/@homes.tastrophes

I would like to, but I doubt they would come if you can’t give evidence of a crime.

Source: TikTok/@homes.tastrophes

I’d want to clean up my space before putting it on Zillow, but that’s just me.

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