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Judge Got A Ticket For Parking His Camper In The Driveway, But It Was Dismissed Due To A Particularly Nosy Neighbor

by Michael Levanduski

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There are so many laws on the books that it can feel nearly impossible to avoid violating all of them.

When most people get a ticket or fine, they simply pay the money and try to avoid making the same mistake twice.

The man in this story, however, took the time to dig into the laws and stand up for his rights.

Despite his spending time trying to figure it all out, it proved unnecessary due to a series of almost entertaining events.

Let’s have a look.

You want to ticket my trailer? Meet me in court… kinda

My Dad (47M) is a big fan of camping, but being a lawyer turned judge, he couldn’t camp as much as he wants.

He had also gotten tired of setting up a muddy tent for nights on end, so he finally got a camping trailer.

It is a nice little one that can fit himself, my step mom, me, and my 2 siblings for a night, but it’s a tight fit.

It’s also a tight fit in our driveway, so I can’t park my car there anymore. Enough of my complaining though.

Everything seems to be going fine until Dad notices something on his trailer.

A couple months ago, my Dad was walking past the trailer when he saw a ticket posted on it.

It stated that due to city ordinance, my dad couldn’t park his trailer in a side yard lot and would be getting a fine if he didn’t move it.

My Dad, being the law educated man he is, immediately called the number to have a talk with the city official.

The man on the phone, who we will call “Ticket Man,” told Dad that there wasn’t much that he could do other than move his trailer since his driveway goes up to the side of his house, counting as a side yard.

Dad asked if Ticket Man could cite the law and, surprisingly, Ticket Man told him exactly where to find it.

And now it was Dad’s mission to find a way around this city ordinance. He’d been training his whole life for this.

So my Dad sat down with the city zoning laws and read them over.

One thing to note about city laws is that there are often differences in what is allowed based on the definitions of properties.

For example, a house on the corner of a neighborhood might have different rules than a house in the middle on one, and wouldn’t you know, my Dad’s house is on a corner.

The official term for his property in the law is a “Corner Property” and his side yard is called a “Corner Side Lot”.

So he read over the rules again and nowhere does it ever state that a “Corner Side Lot” is exempt from parking a trailer on the property.

In fact, it isn’t mentioned at all, meaning there are no rules to stop my dad from parking it anywhere on his yard.

This is where the story takes an odd turn. The ticket had already been removed?

I’d love to say that this is when my dad parked it in the elevated front yard, but my Dad would never ruin his grass to be petty, so he just called Ticket Man again.

Dad started to explain his reasoning again, but Ticket Man stopped him and said that the ticket was already taken back.

My Dad asked why and he explained that normally the city is fine with a few tickets a day, all being very open and shut cases, but a couple days ago they had received an order from an unnamed member of the city’s board saying that they need to ticket all trailers illegally parked.

Sounds like someone from the city’s board was abusing their power to me.

Now, my dad knows who she is and knows that this was absolutely a case of one of her neighbors getting a trailer and her wanting it gone, but that didn’t explain how the tickets got rescinded.

Ticket Man explained further that the city’s legal counsel had told them that if they didn’t remove the tickets, they would get around $1.5 million in fines, but they would lose out on ALL of the taxes on these trailers due to most of them most likely being moved outside the city to be parked legally.

Why am I not surprised? The city government had laws on the books that didn’t produce their desired results.

Basically, if they didn’t pull the fines, they would lose out on tens of millions of dollars in taxes.

Ticket Man had to immediately void all of the over 400 fines.

My dad asked him about his “Corner Property” argument and Ticket Man told him that he was actually right and they had a good laugh over it.

It’s not over yet. This story has another funny little coincidence.

However, that’s not where it ends. Like I said earlier, my dad is a judge.

The week he was hearing a small case where someone was arguing that a ticket on their car was not correct, and wouldn’t you know it, one of the witnesses was Ticket Man.

My Dad told me that the look on his face was priceless when he said hello to Ticket Man.

You could see the gears turning in his head as he recognized my Dad’s voice but didn’t know from where.

He’s apparently been in his court multiple times since then and he now definitely remembers where he heard his voice before.

It wasn’t the most outrageous story, but I love all the different dominos falling into each other.

You’ve got the city saying no to the board member who now has to deal with her neighbor having a trailer on their property.

You’ve got the city almost losing out on a LOT of money in taxes.

You’ve got my Dad giving a little heart attack to Ticket Man in court.

And then you have Dad’s attempt at being petty that he kinda dropped the ball on.

It is sometimes funny how life works out.

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