June 3, 2024 at 2:37 pm

Montana Motorists Sit In Awe As They Watch An Elephant Cross The Road

by Laura Lynott

Source: Shutterstock

You don’t expect to find an elephant crossing the road when you’re out and about.

I mean, unless you’re in India, or maybe Afrida, that is.

But certainly not in Montana!

However, that’s just what people witnessed in the city of Butte, after an elephant escaped a circus.

Source: X/@BrittanyMcGinnis

Quite the surprise act for stunned motorists.

And one woman Brittany McGinnis captured the wild moment on camera.

The woman sounded completely bewildered and freaked out as she filmed the elephant crossing a busy road and being followed by a man struggling to keep up.

Source: X/@BrittanyMcGinnis

The beautiful animal looked right at home in the town and almost like he was out for a spot of lunch and a stroll!

NBC Montana reported local man Josh Hannifin stating: “My coworker pointed out, ‘There’s an elephant.’

Source: X/@BrittanyMcGinnis

He added: “Pretty exciting. It’s not every day you see an elephant walking down Harrison Avenue in Butte, Montana.”

USA Today reported the 58-year-old Asian elephant, Viola, escaped handlers at the Jordan World Circus while she was getting a bath!

A backfiring car scared the creature and she bolted, with one of the handlers chasing her as she went.

Don’t you kinda want to see an elephant crossing the road?!

Watch the full clip here:

Here’s what people thought of the clip:

Aw Stampy!?

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That seemed to be the story, yes…

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True that!

Source: X/@NBCMontana

This would definitely be a sight to see.

I hope the elephant is treated well at her circus.

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