June 7, 2024 at 6:37 am

Moving Company Customer Was Told It Would Cost Her $10,000 To Transport Her Belongings From Denver To Kansas City

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@valuhrina

Something sounds fishy about this…

A woman named Valarie shared a video on TikTok and told viewers that folks at a moving company told her it would cost her a whopping $10,000 to take her belongings from Denver, Colorado to Kansas City, Missouri.

And for those of you not familiar with that part of the country, we’re talking about a 9-hour drive, not a cross-country journey.

Valarie told viewers that she was moving about “one bedroom and a half of things” to Kansas City.

Source: TikTok/@valuhrina

She added, “Where I’m going I don’t really have anybody to help me like get everything into the fourth floor of what I’m living in.”

She decided to look into a moving company and that’s when she received the quote for $10,000.

Valarie said, “Who the hell is paying that? Like who the entire hell is paying $10,000 to move a one bedroom apartment? That’s half a year’s rent, almost half a year’s rent just to move.”

She added that she was expecting to spend about $1,000 or $1,500.

Source: TikTok/@valuhrina

Valarie told viewers, “Moving companies, I don’t know who the hell is like paying that kind of money. I really don’t—like who hires movers at that kind of price?”

FYI, the company that gave her the quote was Two Men and a Truck…

Source: TikTok/@valuhrina

Check out what she had to say.


Two men and a truck just called me peasant poor

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Valarie posted a follow-up video and shared some more info with viewers.

Take a look.


Replying to @rightsaid matt this makes sense!! 🙏🏼✨

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And here’s how folks reacted on TikTok.

One person started a conversation…

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This TikTokker doesn’t even deal with it.

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And one viewer offered some good advice.

Screen Shot 2024 05 30 at 9.22.34 AM Moving Company Customer Was Told It Would Cost Her $10,000 To Transport Her Belongings From Denver To Kansas City

Source: TikTok

Sounds pretty ridiculous to me!

Good grief!

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