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Neighbor Complained About Their Loud TV, But They Won’t Turn It Down Any More Than They Already Have

by Matthew Gilligan

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Sorry, lady!

What else can you say to a neighbor that you’ve tried to reason with?

Well, this person didn’t know what else to do…so they decided to do NOTHING.

Read their story and see what you think.

AITA For telling my neighbor that I am not responsible for her sleeping issues?

“I have lived in my apartment for 6 years. I have never had a noise complaint, and when I first moved in I would have friends over constantly.

We would drink, play video games, and be rather loud to until about 3 am for some context. Now I am much quieter due to growing up, and the usual life events.

In September my leasing office emailed me about having my TV on loudly at night and disturbing the neighbors. I realized that I had been falling asleep with it on rather loudly and agreed to keep it lower.


Fast forward a few months to December, and I get a knock at my door. I opened it and it was my new upstairs neighbor (first time interacting). She asked if it was my TV making noise.

I responded saying, I have a TV, and yes it’s on. She asked me to turn it down because it was disturbing her sleep. Mind you, I kept it at the same volume since the office emailed me, especially after 8 pm. I apologized and agreed to turn it down.

We parted on fine terms. After she left I closed my apartment door while standing outside to see if it was too loud. I could hear that there was some noise, but only if I was standing right outside my door.

I went back in, turned it down a couple notches, went back outside, and I had to put my ear to the door to hear it. At this point I can hear what I am watching, but it would be nice to turn it up one notch. Everything is fine again.

Hello, again!

Fast forward to a couple days ago. I get a loud knock on my door again, and you guessed it, she’s back. She starts telling me my town has a noise order that starts at 10 pm (it’s 10:05 pm), and that she can’t sleep.

Again, haven’t touched the volume. I told her I am not turning it down any more, and that a noise order is for extreme excessive noise, not someone’s TV is slightly loud.

This wasn’t going well…

She then tells me that I need to get headphones. I’m not having it at this point and tell her that I will not be handcuffed in my own home for this, and if she wants headphones to get them herself. I further stated that I am not responsible for her sleeping issues, and she should see a doctor or something. She fumed off.

It’s too bad she can’t sleep, but IMO this is insane.


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Neighbors can just be the worst…

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