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One Of His Roommates Expected Others To Cover His Expenses When They Went Out, So He Decided to Get Revenge By Messing With His Car

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge/Unsplash/@austindistel

There’s always one in a big group…

I’m talking about a guy or a gal who always wants to party and have a good time…but they never have any money and they expect other folks to pay their way.

Check out how this guy took control of a pretty annoying situation.

College suite-mate always broke when suggesting outings: petty revenge.

“My freshman year of college, 40 years ago, there were 8 of us guys living in a suite….four rooms, two to a room, one large common room, two double shower bathrooms….

One of our suitemates (SM) had made sure during the “get to know each other” period that he lived in a gated community about three hours away….meaning mom and dad had money.

The funny thing was he never had money when we went on outings. And a lot of times, the outings were his idea!

Well, isn’t that ironic?

For example, on Saturday about 4 pm he would say “hey guys! Such and such movie is playing at the theatre! Lets all go see it!”

Then a group of us would think, yeah, lets go!

Then about 6:30 we would pile into cars, go to the theatre and get in line for tickets…..about this time, SM would say “hey man, all ive got is a dollar.

Can anybody loan me a few bucks so i can get a ticket and a drink?”


Or it would be McDonalds or Subway…”Hey guys, lets go get a sub.” So a bunch of us would walk down to Subway.

When we would be in line ordering, same thing… “oh man, all i got is a dollar. Can u guys loan me a few bucks so i can eat?”

It never ended…


We all knew it was happening, and got in the habit of only carrying enough cash to cover our own purchases…but he would get our change. And one of our group had money and would usually end up covering for SM.

Well, end of spring semester, wealthy guy, his roommate and I got our petty revenge. Freshman werent allowed to park our cars on campus except on Saturday and Sunday.

They had to be off dorm lot by 7 am monday morning. So the university provided a unsecure gravel lot about a half mile walk off campus where we could park for free during the week.

SM had late finals, and we three were done….so we took a pair of wire snips, walked up to the gravel lot and as my two pals did lookout, I snipped off all four of the valvestems of his tires in his car…

Then we left for home.

I wonder who did it…

The next semester in the fall, i was roommates with my two pals and another guy….former SM came over for (free) beers one night and talked about how somebody pranked him back in the spring by cutting his valve stems….everyone was gone and he had no one to help him. he had to jack up his car one wheel at a time, take it off.

Roll it a half mile down the road to a service station, get it fixed for $5, roll it back a half mile to the lot and put it back on the car. Wash rinse and repeat for the three remaining tires. He said it took him like three hours to get it done.

We all expressed shock and “that’s ridiculous, man! I’d be ****** off!” While inside we were all laughing inside….”

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