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Recently Divorced Sister And Her Three Kids Asked To Move In To Her Small Home, But Then Insulted Her Job When She Said There Was No Room

by Michael Levanduski

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When your family needs help, you should do what you can to give them a hand.

There are, of course, limits to what anyone can do to help others, so it is also okay to say no to unreasonable requests.

In this story, an entitled sister (and her three young kids) need a place to live and OP is not having it.

Take a look and see what happens.

AITA for not letting my sister and her kids live in my house?

I 25F am an electrician. I started my apprenticeship at 17 and was hired immediately by my sponsor after I received my license. The reason I chose a trade was that I grew up in a trailer with my mom and sister, and I have wanted to own a house since I can remember, and being in the trades gave me access to a stable job and access to more money sooner.

My partner, 29F, Thea, is a plumber, and we have scrounged and saved. In the end we bought land and built a tiny house in the uptown area of our city. It has two bedrooms and one bathroom, one of the bedrooms is our reptile room, as I keep snakes and Thea keeps bearded dragons. We are child-free and happy in our home.

OP’s sister falls on hard times and wants to get in on the beautiful life OP has built.

My Sister “Lucy” 34F, is a waitress and has three kids (M4, M3, M2). Her husband just left her for a woman my age and she is left without his income to raise all three kids on her own. Her husband bought out her half of the house during the divorce and that left her and the kids living with my mom in the trailer.

I can admit I didn’t grow up in the safest of areas and was carrying a knife when I was a teenager because of the danger. Because of the safety issue, Lucy came to Thea and I and begged us to let her and her sons move in.

Nothing wrong with asking for help, but big sister seems to have a very entitled attitude.

She said we would have to get rid of our reptiles or keep them in our room, her sons could have the other bedroom, and she would sleep in our kitchen on an air mattress. She said nothing about paying us rent or helping around the house.

I told her no, because two toddlers and a little kid who is about to start kindergarten aren’t suitable to be in our home and we don’t want too many people in our house. She said that we live in a better part of town with better schools and that she needed the help.

Adding an extra four people to a two-bedroom home is not a good idea.

I told her we didn’t have the room and that I was sorry, but I could hook her up with some journeymen I know and she could get started on an apprenticeship that pays better than her current job if she needed extra money.

If I wasn’t sure OP is NTAH already, I am now!

She called my job and Thea’s job “Dirty blue collar trash” and left our home. She posted about how we wouldn’t let her stay online, and now my relatives are messaging me about, “How could I let a single mother and 3 kids be homeless,” How “they’re your blood,” and “you owe your sister better than that.” I feel like a complete a**hole even though Thea told me I have every right not to want them in our house.


Wow! Not only did OP’s big sister ask for help, but she had the audacity to insult OP’s job after getting turned down.

I’m normally all for helping family members, but in this case, OP is definitely NTAH for saying no.

Other Redditors in the comments seem to agree.

Yes. This really has me wondering why OP’s sister doesn’t have any money for a place to live.

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It is crazy that the sister begging for help is insulting OP’s job.

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Another commenter getting right to the point, what did she do with the money from the divorce settlement?

Source: Reddit/AITAH

Setting boundaries is important, even with family.

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