June 5, 2024 at 6:22 pm

Restaurant’s Video Shows What It’s Like Behind The Scenes When Somebody Sends Food Back

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: TikTok/@taylorsamsbrunch

As someone who worked as a server for 5 years, sending your food back to the kitchen isn’t the worst thing in the world.

Sure it can be inconvenient, but if you respectfully tell me that what you got wasn’t what you ordered, that’s not rude!

But when server @taylorsamsbrunch had an order sent back, their cameraman turned up the drama.

Check it out!

Source: TikTok/@taylorsamsbrunch

This behind the scenes video takes us into the back of house, right in the middle of a situation no server wants to be in: a wrong order!

“The people didn’t want fruit, they just wanted chocolate chips. Scott told me to throw it out.”

And when the manager checks with Scott, one of the chefs, he confirms that the food needs to be thrown out.

Source: TikTok/@taylorsamsbrunch

And when a rumor starts floating that the table had “joked” they wanted fruit, only to refuse the fruit when it came to the table, the manager was on the case.

But the same gossip source revealed that there was no joke.

“She said it was her fault, she accidentally slipped and hit fruit.”

So the manager confirms with her that it wasn’t the customer’s weird idea of a joke, and was just an honest mistake on the server’s part.

Source: TikTok/@taylorsamsbrunch

But the real tragedy, the manager said, was that the food had to be thrown out.

“If it were me, I would have just picked the fruit off. But I guess people are funny. It’s just sad. It could feed one of the homeless people. They would have been happy with it.”

It truly is unbelievable how much perfectly good food you see get thrown out when you work at a restaurant. So much waste!

Check out her video for yourself!


All that because they didn’t want fruit

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TikTok wondered why they couldn’t just save the food for the staff.

Source: TikTok/@taylorsamsbrunch

Others loved how dramatic they made the goings on of your everyday American restaurant.

Source: TikTok/@taylorsamsbrunch

This user said that sadly in a restaurant, this was only a small snippet of how much food is actually wasted.

Source: TikTok/@taylorsamsbrunch

And finally, this user suggested the easiest solution. Eating the fruit!

Source: TikTok/@taylorsamsbrunch

Seriously, would eating a few berries have been the end of the world?

I think not.

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