June 4, 2024 at 8:41 am

She Helped Her Elderly Neighbor A Few Times, But When She’s Asked To Do More She Closes The Door In Her Face

by Ashley Ashbee

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Sometimes you can really mess up your life by doing something nice for someone, even a senior.

It can turn on an entitlement button and then you’re bombarded with demands and guilt tripping, like what happened to the young woman in this story.

Read it and you’ll see what I mean.

AITA For ignoring/not helping my elderly neighbor?

I’m 25 and live in a building with a lot of seniors.

One of my neighbors is in her late 80s.

She has pretty much been badgering me to help her do stuff and plays the guilt card if I say no.

At first I was willing to help, especially when the pandemic broke out, but picking up groceries for her and bringing her and her mail.

That quickly morphed into her trying to get me to fix her sinks, vacuum, make her dinner, wash her windows and when you say no she literally starts crying and throws a pity party.

The requests aren’t casual, but instead become a routine campaign of demands.

Whenever I got home from work she’d literally be waiting at my door to start making her demands for today and after that happened I had enough.

I told her to leave me alone a few times which worked for a few days before she’d go back at it.

Since that did not work I now completely ignore her and don’t help her with anything and this has solved the problem.

If you thought this was just a symptom of dementia think again.

Recently the old lady’s daughter was visiting and asked me why I stopped helping her mother.

I told her what I said here and she said she has to drive a long distance to come help her mom and begged me to go back to at least picking up her groceries again as it would take a massive chore away.

I said no, she started crying and insisted. I closed my door at that point.

The old lady still regularly tries to get me to help her but I keep ignoring her.

When I told my grandma she called me a massive jerk as obviously this lady needs help and likes the company.

She told me to put her in that old lady’s shoes. I admit it made me feel even worse about it.

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Thank you! Imagine blaming strangers for not taking care of your loved ones…

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Took the words right out of my mouth. It’s hard to draw that line.

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Absolutely. If it’s a financial issue, there are ways around that.

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Definitely runs in the family. I wonder why they live so far apart.

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Oh, dear. The person who has keys to your home!

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Strangers aren’t your staff, folks.

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