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She Wouldn’t Pick Up Her Daughter From An Event Hours Away, So Her Dad Ended Up Getting Her And Gave The Teen A Piece Of His Mind

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA

Hey, sometimes you have to play hardball with kids…especially when they’re teenagers!

The mom you’re going to hear from had enough of her daughter’s attitude so she decided to teach her a lesson.

Was she wrong?

Read on and see what you think!

AITA for refusing to pick my daughter up and instead leaving her to get lectured by her dad?

“My daughter Kelly’s extracurricular was hosting an event that she wanted to volunteer for.

The plan was that Kelly would stay for the full weekend to do the event, she would go on a bus to the building where the extracurricular is usually hosted, then I would pick her up from there since it’s only a 20 minute drive from home.

It was over five hours of driving.

It took three hours to get to there plus another two hours just to sit in traffic at the car line for the event.

Traffic was not nearly as bad on the return trip, luckily.

She got a call…

My younger daughter and I were having dinner an hour away from home, when I got a call from Kelly asking to come home.

Nothing bad had happened. Kelly just said she didn’t like the things they were having her do (Carrying boxes/supplies, manning the check-in booth, etc.)

She knew beforehand that she would be sleeping on a cot with a bunch of kids in the same area but claimed she didn’t realize what that was actually like until now and she wanted to go home.

Sorry, kid.

I told Kelly no, we were already hours away.

Kelly started saying it wouldn’t be as bad as if we were already home, and that the traffic probably wouldn’t be as bad as it was earlier to get near the event.

I again told Kelly no, and that, frankly, her asking this was extremely inconsiderate to us and our time.

There was a convention that her sister wanted to go to but had to turn down because I had no one to take her and Kelly promised this event was important to her.

Kelly kept begging me to pick her up. I told her no and suggested she ask her dad David if he’s willing to drive out and pick her up.

Kelly eventually did end up calling David and claims that he lectured her for the entire two hours that he was driving them home.

Kelly told her grandmother, who told me that Kelly’s actions were inconsiderate, but I know Kelly and David don’t get along right now.

And I should have gone to get Kelly since I was closer than I would have been at home and a two hour lecture was just excessive on David’s end.

What are you gonna do?

I agree David’s lecture was excessive, but Kelly could also take it away as an important lesson that when you ask other people to accommodate you for a commitment and end up breaking said commitment, people are naturally going to be upset with you.

Besides, it wasn’t as if Kelly was stranded in the middle of nowhere or in a bad situation.

She was perfectly safe at the event. She could have either rode out the weekend or dealt with the lecture from David.

I know a typical response in this situation is usually to say my mother shouldn’t have any input because she isn’t Kelly parent.

But she does help with the girls and it wouldn’t be right to say she isn’t entitled to some input considering she has stepped up and gone out of her way as a grandparent to help in that regard.

I’m looking for other perspective because I’m still unsure of whether I should consider my mother’s words or apologize to Kelly.


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I’m gonna go ahead and say that her daughter deserved it…

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