June 3, 2024 at 12:37 am

Showroom Employee Came Up With A Workaround When Price Stickers Weren’t Available. Now The Store Wants Them All Removed.

by Kyra Piperides

Source: Pexels/Reddit

Sometimes it seems like corporate rules are getting in the way of actually getting your job done.

And sometimes those rules just don’t make any sense at all.

That was certainly the case in this story, when the employee improved the faulty ticketing system in their showroom, but got punished regardless.

Let’s see what the employee had to say.

Remove the price tickets I made? Sure, you got it boss!

I work as a sales advisor in a showroom, the company recently went through some changes, specifically with the way price tickets are created.

All tickets are to have QR codes linking to the item online (stupid I know).

But what makes things worse is that they’ve updated the printing system, so now if a product is not on the website or just hasn’t had its QR code linked, it will output a script error, making it impossible to print that ticket.

The employee came up with an effective way to fix this problem.

As a result, I have been making tickets from scratch for newer products or products that are just not on the site yet, for the past year. (This was supposed to be just while the other departments got the proper ones made).

Fast forward to last week, and I get a email from upper management asking for a list of all the tickets needed for the showroom (a little over 100 tickets at this point).

I sent the list, as I thought this was just them wanting to make a push to have the rest complete.

But all was not as it seemed…

Half an hour later, I got a follow up email saying “we need to deal with the issue at the source” and questioning why I didn’t inform anyone about the tickets needed.

(I did, in fact I’m still waiting for some that I asked for in back in January) and questioning where I even got the template for the tickets from, since “they would never give one out”.

After responding, I received another email stating that “I should never have done that” as “it looks unprofessional having some tickets with and without QR codes”.

The email ended by saying that I’m to never do this again, and that I’m to take the ones that I made down now and put the proper ones up.

This was further reiterated in a meeting between my manager and upper management (he let me know afterwards).

Frustrated by this, the employee got their revenge in the most compliant way!

But would you look at that, the proper price tickets still aren’t made yet and I’m on holiday for a few days.

Oh well better take them down anyway, wouldn’t want to get in trouble for having anything unprofessional up after all.

Let’s see what Reddit thought of this!

This commenter pointed out that the employer’s accusations were beyond ridiculous.

Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

While this person figured out an even better way for the employee to get revenge.

Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

Let’s just say Reddit was full of suggestions!

Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

Regardless of whether this employee got their revenge or not, it’s pretty clear who was in the wrong here!

At least she had a nice vacation.

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