June 7, 2024 at 2:35 pm

Someone Blocked Her Driveway, So She Blocked Their Car And Went To The Bathroom While They Waited!

by Sarrah Murtaza

Source: Reddit/PettyRevenge/pexels/Levent Simsek

Who wouldn’t get annoyed if someone blocks their parking and refuses to budge. Waiting for someone to get out of your parking when you’re running short on time can be a hassle no one wants in their daily life.

This is the story of a lady who takes petty revenge after someone blocks her parking for just a little while.

Let’s see what happened.

Ok then block my driveway

I live next to a school and I’ve had parents back up into my driveway to wait for their children. If I’m not going anywhere I don’t mind no harm no foul.

One day I came home to find a woman in my driveway.

Uh oh.. Something’s coming up..

I got out of my car and asked her to please pull out for a second so I could pull in and then you can back up where you were . She said I will only be a few minutes. I said ma’am I live here and I’d like to get into my garage.

The circumstances were such that she couldn’t help but do what she did.

Because it’s a narrow street and parents are now parked on both sides, the street access is now narrow and only one car can get by at a time. I told her that I cannot wait here a “few” minutes because I’m blocking traffic!

Well I’ll be moving in a bit. I said “ok, no you won’t be”.

The lady blocking the parking must’ve felt the trouble coming in..

I then parked perpendicular to her vehicle blocking my own driveway and her vehicle. As I walked by I told her I really have to use the bathroom and have stomach cramps.

You are welcome to call the police if you like, I’ll be out in a bit. The look on her face after she realized what was happening was priceless. A “few” minutes later I could hear honking.

She went ahead and took her time in the loo.

A “few” more minutes later I hear honking and my doorbell ringing. Only because I saw it was a child ringing on my ring doorbell I answered “I’ll be out in a minute I’m washing my hands”. I could hear the little boy screaming to his mother ( I assume).

The kid also came in the play..


By the time I came out a “few” more minutes later, all the vehicles and students were gone. I very slowly walked past her car avoiding eye contact and got into my car. I adjusted the mirror moved the car seat forward then back slowly , started the car and moved my car forward slowly.

The petty revenge then ended with a some silent treatment.

All I heard was the tires screeching and the car horn honking as she left. Her windows were rolled up so I can only assume the little boy got an earful of nice words as she was leaving. My neighbors were wondering what was going on with all the honking.

When I explained they said , oh yeah , that’s what we kinda figured.

The lady could’ve waited a while but considering she had to use the loo, we’re not sure what the right move would’ve been.

But let’s see what Reddit folks had to say about it.

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Some mischievous and petty actions?

Yes please!

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