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The New Boss Won’t Let Him Wear Shorts To Work, So He Decided To Go With A Kilt Because It’s Not Against the Rules

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance/Unsplash/@pittmascarenhas

No shorts, huh?

Well, what about kilts?

Yes, I said KILTS.

I bet you didn’t see that coming, did you?

Check out this guy’s story and try not to laugh too hard…

Boss said no shorts.

“I work at an office that sells bulk goods to businesses that use them, like retail outlets, etc.

Our office doesn’t usually have a strict dress code but we recently got a new boss, who is quite literally the stick up my ***.

This new guy is NOT COOL.

He’s constantly yelling at everyone about basic stuff, like punching in a minute or two late/early, or being a word or two off the script during outbound/inbound calls.

Dealing with him in general has made me dislike the job more.

As its getting hotter I’ve been wearing khaki shorts to work for the past few days, which is something I’ve always done for the past few years and nobody has confronted me about it before, so I figured nothing would change this year.

He was in for a surprise.

But boy was I wrong.

About halfway through my shift this boss comes to my desk and realizes I’m wearing shorts, and is visibly annoyed.

He mutters something under his breath and goes back to his office.

An hour later I was called into his office, where he proceeded to berate me about breaking dress code.

He was fuming, and ended the meeting with “From now on you follow dress code to the book, or your fired!”

Say no more, boss.

Let’s take a look…

That night I went home and read up on the dress code rules. There was in fact a rule against shorts, so I was annoyed, but kept on. And then I found it, there is no rule preventing males to wear skirts/kilts. Here’s where I devised my plan.

This was gonna be good!

I immediately ordered a pink and white striped kilt online, as well as matching knee high socks and shirt.

There was no rules stated in the dress code against any of this (surprisingly). About a week later the clothes arrived, and here is what ensued the following work day.

I walked in, wearing my new pink business outfit, and immediately the whole office is staring at me, and the boss who came in to cover another bosses shift in the morning was beat red in the face, and yelled at me to come in his office.

He goes on a 10 minute rant about how I’m a useless employee, and that he’s going to fire me for not following the dress code to a T.


I simply stated “I am in dress code, I urge you to read the employee handbook.”

He ended up reading the whole thing in front of me, and I could see him getting more and more angry as he realized I didn’t break any rules. I asked him “am I free to go to back to work?”

And he looked at me with a glare, muttered something under his breath and waved me off.”

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That was hilarious!

Nice work, buddy!

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