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Their Kids Love The Pool At Their New House, But Neighbors Are Complaining Because Of A Past Tragedy There

by Matthew Gilligan

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AITA for letting our kids play in the pool where a neighbor’s child passed away and for not getting rid of the pool?

“So when my husband and I were looking at houses we found this great one with a pool in the backyard.

There was a reason they got a deal…

Normally it would have been out of our price range, but this one was a great deal. The reason why was because one of the neighbor’s children had drowned in the pool last summer.

I know it’s really morbid, but my husband and I discussed it and we decided we could look past it. I mean we could never otherwise afford anything like it. It was big enough that all our kids could finally have their own bedrooms.

When we had moved in the pool was empty and we didn’t see the point in filling it since at the time it was too cold out to go swimming anyway. Since it’s getting hot out now we decided to finally fill it last week. Our kids had a great time swimming and were having fun laughing and playing games.

Not everyone was happy about this.

Later though husband was confronted by our neighbor (the one whose kid passed away) saying that the sounds of kids playing in the pool was traumatizing to his family and that we were horrible for letting our kids play in that pool after what happened.

Since then we’ve learned from an online post that several other people in the neighborhood similarly feel that we are being insensitive by letting our kids play in the pool. Many of them thinking that the right thing to do would have been to get rid of the pool or fill it up.

Even considering it all though we don’t want to get rid of our pool. We never had a pool before, but now we’re really enjoying it and our kids do too.”

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