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Their Landlord Didn’t Clean Their Apartment Before They Moved In, So They Made Sure To Return the Favor When They Moved Out

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge/Pexels

There’s nothing worse than moving into a new rental house or apartment and discovering that the owner didn’t clean up and that you’re basically moving into a hell hole.


So the only thing you can do is do the same thing when it’s your turn to leave, right?

Well, if you’re petty…and the person you’re about to hear from definitely is!

Check out what happened.

Apartment Manager did not clean before move in. I got back at them when I moved out.

“This was many years ago, when I was young and single.

I rented a fairly expensive apartment in a nice neighborhood. I took the day off to move because I had to vacate my current place. I arrive, the apartment has not been cleaned.


It was gross. Hair in the bathroom, dust everywhere, filthy fixtures, dirty fridge and stove. But because I had to move, I had to move in.

The state I live in requires landlords do a walkthrough noting previous damage. Without this paperwork they cannot sue for damage and must return the deposit when I move out. No one came to do the walkthrough.

Payback is a *****…

Two years later and a whole lot of drama. I moved out, while working 60 hour work weeks. I left the place a dump. Rotten food in the fridge, filthy carpet. I had done no housework for months due to my work.

My family kept asking me if I needed help cleaning out the apartment. I said nope.

My entire deposit was returned to me a few weeks later. Hope they had fun cleaning it.”

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