June 7, 2024 at 3:11 am

Their Neighbor Wouldn’t Pick Up After Their Dogs, So They Reported Them To The HOA And They’re Furious

by Ashley Ashbee

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Living in a homeowners’ association area (HOA) has some benefits and one of them is that you can take action when a neighbor is interfering with your life.

The interference in this story really reeked, but not everyone thinks the HOA should be involved. Read the story to find out more.

AITA for reporting my neighbors to the HOA?

I(32M) and my wife(32F) live in an Community Association or under an HOA. We have had no problems since moving in a few years ago.

We have two dogs, a 1 year old golden retriever and a 3 year old shepherd mix. I work from home and can walk the dogs.

I always bring a few bags with me and pick up after my dogs.

New neighbors moved in recently and have 3 dogs. 2 Bernese mountain dogs and a Great Dane. The dogs are very friendly and get along great with our two dogs.

I have had my dog for 15 years and have walked many other dogs and can’t imagine not picking up after them. I’d be livid.

I have noticed that the neighbors do not pick up after their dogs and let them come over on our property.

My wife went over and politely asked them if they would pick up after their dogs. The neighbors nodded and everything seemed okay.

My wife went out to plant in her garden and stepped in many dog piles.

I had enough of what was going on and mentioned the problem to the HOA.

They assured me that they would speak to our neighbors and the problem would be solved.

The neighbors respond by escalating the drama and the tension is palpable.

Neighbors came over a few days later banging on the front door. The husband starts shouting at me about going to the HOA over such a small issue.

I told him that my wife had gone over and politely asked them to pick up after their dogs.

He then proceeds to blame my dogs and I tell him that I always pick up after them. Wife and I are now talking about building a fence.
We will talk to the HOA about it and see if they will approve.

AITA for reporting the neighbors to the HOA?

Here’s what the commenters had to say.

Exactly. This isn’t a hard concept.

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I agree! It makes my blood boil. I usually have compostable bags on me and pick it up when I can.

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Same here. This is even more outrageous than the original problem.

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I looked after Great Danes for years and can confirm!

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I admire the creativity, but I don’t think this would solve anything.

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This really stinks.

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