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They Bought A Broken Product From A Seller Online, But Got Revenge By Getting Their Friends To Catfish Them

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Unsplash

You don’t see too many stories like this, folks!

A scammer getting scammed…it’s pretty rare!

But you better believe that it happened in this story!

Take a look and see what you think!

Try to scam me on facebook marketplace? I’ll scam you back.

“Long story short, I bought an ottoman on Facebook Marketplace that was leaking beads and was more or less broken.

I noticed the next morning and messaged the seller about this and that I want to return it.

Now I totally agree that this is my fault and I should’ve done my due diligence when I picked it up.

They found out what was really going on…

However, after her message back to me, it was extremely clear she knew that this product was in fact broken and she was selling broken things on Facebook Marketplace.

Initially she agreed for me to return it and gave me a time I could come by and return it.

However, as it got closer to the time, she cancelled and kept delaying the days I could come and eventually said she will no longer take the return as she is moving and won’t be able to resell it in time.

After I messaged back asking why she would waste my time with this defective product knowing she was never going to accept a return, she got EXTREMELY mean and rude.

She sent me so many appalling messages that were uncalled for back to back.

Now if she had told me no from the start, not wasted my time, wasn’t so mean and clearly a scammer, or had not known that she was selling defective products, that would’ve been fine with me.

They were pretty peeved about this.

However, since she wasted my time and knowingly sold me a bad product (even though I should’ve checked it better), I wanted to make sure I got my refund and my revenge.

So, first step was getting my refund.

I figured since the listing was still up, I had a few of my friends message her about it on Facebook and say that they will pay more than what the item is listed for if she will hold the ottoman for them for a few days out.

So eventually, with the incentive of a large offer for her broken product, she was too enticed to make more money and scam another poor soul.

She messaged me back saying she changed her mind and will take my return (no apologies or anything).

Let’s see how she likes it!

After I get my money back and return it, my friends who are offering to pay more for it, keep delaying the times and days of when they can pick it up and eventually keep this going until she has to move out and throw the broken ottoman out.

Later, I message her, good luck selling it to “[insert my friend’s name]” and block her.

She ended up blocking my friend which was the best satisfaction I could ask for knowing that she just got played and scammed back.”

Let’s see what people had to say.

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That’s what you get for trying to rip people off!

At least, you do in a perfect world.

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