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They Stopped Letting Their Neighbor Treat Them Like A Free Party Venue And Caterer. Afterward, She Seemed To Be Stalking Them.

by Ashley Ashbee

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You can’t really get away from your neighbors, so spats with them are uncomfortable.

Have a look at this story because it makes a neighborhood spat look like a picnic with dolls.

This woman’s neighbor treated her and her husband like servants and when they asked her to stop, it got scary.

AITA For Pretending My Neighbor Doesn’t Exist

My wife and I moved to a new neighborhood and within a short period of time became friends with our neighbors.

They seemed fine, a nice couple with a kid. We would hang out and get drinks on our patios, nothing too serious.

After a few months, the woman started to ask my wife to throw get-togethers for her and her friends at our house.

Weird, but maybe they’re just quirky people? If only…

She said I couldn’t be there while the party was happening.

I ended up helping cook food for the party and was shocked at how this woman and her friends treated us.
More like help than friends to be honest.

I find out she’s sending my wife messages every day, sending photos of parties she isn’t invited to, letting her know how this woman’s day is going.

I admit I kind of blew it off at first. However we went on vacation and I realize this is happening almost every hour.

We talk about blocking her but decide not to. Maybe things will calm down.

Just when you’d think it couldn’t get any weirder, the situation starts looking like the opening of a horror movie.

The final straw was when we went out to dinner.

It dawns on us that we get messages every time we leave the house. She knows when we’re home and when we’re not.

I admit at this point I’m scared and quite angry.

So we block her but I’m like “I’m completely done with this relationship.”

I decide she doesn’t exist to me anymore, that I’m rejecting part of this power dynamic. So I act like I can’t see or hear her.

AITA for pretending my neighbor is invisible?

I almost tripped while running to the comments. Have a look at these ones.

There’s no happy medium with this kind of person.

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I got the stalker vibe, too.

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She should definitely explore her options and at least make a record of her behavior.

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People worry too much about what others think of them.

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I feel like that would be the premise of a sequel to this horror movie.

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My former neighbor just sent me a photo of a wind chime my mom gave him.

That’s the kind of neighbor you make friends with.

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