June 7, 2024 at 10:24 am

‘They’re Getting Everyone’- Dealer Shows All The Vehicles From CarMax That Got Repo’d, Says It’s A ‘Negative Sign’

by Kyra Piperides

 ‘Theyre Getting Everyone’  Dealer Shows All The Vehicles From CarMax That Got Repo’d, Says It’s A ‘Negative Sign’

Times are tough for a lot of people right now.

Key to getting by in this economy? Probably having a vehicle, so you can actually get to and from work, and earn enough money to live.

TikToker and car dealer @thankucheese recently gave an inside view into how repo lots are looking right now.

Source: TikTok/@thankucheese

Giving his followers a tour of the lot, he showed just how many cars – from BMW X1s to Range Rovers and Honda Accords – have been repossessed recently.

Many of the cars seemed to have been taken without their owners even having time to prepare.

“It’s still got drinks in it, a little ducky – this is crazy,” he added.

Source: TikTok/@thankucheese

With the lot packed with everything from Range Rovers to Honda Accords and BMW X1s, it’s clear that even the wealthy are struggling right now.

Finding freshly fitted components in one well-kept car, @thankucheese noted, “they’re getting everyone. They’ve just changed the brakes on it.”

Source: TikTok/@thankucheese

One thing’s for sure, the economy right now is broken. The TikToker left his followers with one final message: “If this isn’t a negative sign, then I don’t know what is.”

Check out the full repo graveyard here…


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It’s fair to say that people had a lot of opinions on this one.

One user thought this was part of a bigger problem with CarMax selling wrecked vehicles.

Source: TikTok/@thankucheese

A lot of people seem to agree that dealers overcharge.

Surely that interest only makes everyone’s problems worse.

Source: TikTok/@thankucheese

Or maybe the banks are at fault, for giving out loans people can’t afford?

Source: TikTok/@thankucheese

Regardless, so many repossessions definitely isn’t a good sign.

What will all these people do without their cars?

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