June 12, 2024 at 12:19 am

Homeowner’s Noisy Nightly Routine Annoys His Neighbor, But He Refuses To Stop Using His Garage Door Despite Their Threats

by Heide Lazaro

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Going out for groceries and buying food late at night shouldn’t be a big deal to anyone, right?

But this man’s neighbor is really irritated by his nightly routine of going out.

He isn’t intentionally being loud, but the neighbor claims his car and garage door are disturbing his sleep.

Find out how the story progresses.

AITA for waking my neighbor up several times a week with my garage door?

I’ve lived in my house for several years before the house he lives in even existed.

He built the house on the lot right next to mine, and chose to make the room that is 6 feet away from my carport his master bedroom.

He was active in monitoring his house’s progress during its construction, so he definitely was aware of my house’s layout.

Here is his usual evening routine when leaving his home.

I’m a bit of a night owl.

Several times a week, I’ll leave to do some grocery shopping or pick up food anywhere between midnight and 3 am.

My car is not exceptionally loud–it’s a standard 2006 Camry–and the motor that runs my garage door is not exceptionally loud either.

It’s just a standard garage door motor.

I don’t turn on my radio until I’ve left my driveway, and even then, not loud enough that anyone outside the car could hear.

I don’t slam my car door when entering or leaving.

All I do is open my garage door, enter my car as quietly as I can, pull out, close the garage door, and then, do the reverse when I come back home.

Little does he know that his neighbor is greatly bothered by his “noise”.

He’s come to my house, and knocked on my door to complain many times now, saying I’m being incredibly rude, and that I need to stop waking him up by coming and going in the middle of the night.

I refuse to change my habits.

He’s the one who chose to put his master bedroom right next to my driveway, and I should have the freedom to come and go from my house as I please.

Now, the neighbor starts to threaten him.

He’s getting increasingly irate, and has begun putting letters in my mailbox, threatening that he’ll go to the HOA about noise complaints, but I know the HOA by-laws, and he’s just blowing smoke.

Still, though… am I the jerk here?

So, do you think it’s his fault? Let’s see what the comments say.

Here’s a simple and straightforward answer.

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This user suggests something that the neighbor can do to reduce the his “over-sensitivity” to noise.

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And here’s another suggestion from another commenter.

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This one is a piece of advice for OP.

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Exactly! This comment is on point.

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Your house, your rules!

It’s not his fault that his neighbor is overly sensitive to the noises around him.

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