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Neighborhood Kid Was Injured On Their Property After They’d Asked Him To Stay Away. Now The Parents Want Them To Pay For His Medical Bills.

by Kyra Piperides

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It’s hard to know what life in a new home will be like until you actually move in.

What seems like a friendly neighbourhood can turn out to be a nightmare scenario, and vice versa.

And that was certainly the case in this story!

This couple almost paid the price for their neighbours’ lack of boundaries!

AITA for not paying for my neighbor’s child’s medical bills

We bought our new house last year.When we first viewed the house, we noticed bikes and children’s toys in the driveway and on the side yard.

At our final walkthrough before we signed the final documents and got the keys, we noticed kids in the driveway coloring with sidewalk chalk and riding scooters and bikes.

The couple foresaw some potential dangers, so they approached the parents right away.

We introduced ourselves to the kids and asked where they lived. They pointed at the house next door.

After the walkthrough, my significant other and myself went to the house the kids pointed out, introduced ourselves to the parents and let them know we were buying the house and would be moving in.

We also mentioned that with the trucks coming and us moving things in and out, it was not safe to have the kids in the driveway.

The problem initially seemed to be solved, but all was not as it seemed.

All was fine when we moved in, the kids didn’t play in the driveway, but they were still leaving toys and digging in the side yard.

We went over and asked the neighbors to please have the kids clean the toys up and stop digging in the yard.

The mother laughed and said that Mr. and Mrs. X (the house’s previous owners) always let the kids try and dig for fossils in the yard.

We said that we were not Mr. and Mrs. X and that we did not want the kids digging or playing in our yard.

With the carefree attitudes of the parents, nothing changed, so the couple took action.

Then they started up with the bikes in the driveway again.

We have cameras facing the front of the house and saw that they would ride in the driveway and the yard, and they were also starting to draw again with the chalk.

We again went over to the neighbors house and let them know we did not want the kids playing in our driveway, our yard or drawing on it with chalk.

The neighbor again said that Mr. and Mrs. X always let them do it, and again we explained that we were not Mr. and Mrs. X and we did not want them to do this.

We also followed this up with a letter to the neighbors, informing them that the kids were not allowed to play, dig or draw on our property, and sent it certified mail.

You’d think that that would be the end of it, but here’s where the situation took a turn for the worse.

Fast forward to Sunday.

My significant other is in the house and I am in the garage cutting wood for some projects. I pulled my truck out of the garage so that I could work.

About 20 minutes in, I hear the neighbors kids laughing in the driveway so I went out to see what they were doing.

They were riding bikes on the driveway. I told them to please not ride their bikes on the driveway and go on home.

Not five minutes after I said, that I heard the kids again, and then heard a scream.

One of the kids rode his bike straight into the truck.

Having not protected their kids, the parents decided to put the blame on the new couple next door.

The neighbor came out screaming at me accusing me of causing this, the other kid told her that wasn’t true and that the kid rode right into the car.

My significant other came out to see what the commotion was, and the neighbor started screaming that we would regret this.

Last night, the father came to our house and said that we are responsible for the medical bills from his kid getting hurt.

I told him we are not responsible and would not be paying the medical bills as his kids should not even be in our yard.


Neighbour disputes are always tricky, but it’s hard to see how this couple could possibly be in the wrong!

Let’s see what Reddit thought of their dilemma.

This person outlined the seriousness of the situation, and instructed the couple to get their evidence in order.

Source: Reddit/AITA

While this person suggested that the ‘good guy’ former neighbours may have had more of a problem with the kids than they let on.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Another comment suggested an even more practical solution!

Source: Reddit/AITA

One thing’s clear: this couple shouldn’t have to pay out for their neighbors’ lack of boundaries!

It’s wild to think the neighbors assume they should.

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