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Teen’s Family Expects Her To Babysit All Their Nieces And Nephews Instead Of Relaxing, So She’s Bailing Out On A Family Vacation

by Matthew Gilligan

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In a lot of families, there’s always one person who seems to get the short end of the stick.

And this person’s family has been sticking it to them for years…until now!

They’ve had enough and they finally decided to put an end to it.

Check out their story and see if you think they’re doing the right thing.

AITA for stringing my family along about going on vacation with them?

“I am the oops kid in my family.

I am ten years younger than my youngest sibling.

My brothers, sister, and parents used me as an unpaid babysitter a lot when I was growing up so I could “bond” with my nieces and nephews.

Whenever a family vacation rolls around my folks and my siblings go have fun and leave me with all the kids since I can’t go to some of the places they go or I am told that I “probably wouldn’t be interested” in doing some of the stuff they do.

They’re OVER IT.

I made up my mind over Christmas that I was done doing the babysitting.

So I am going along with all the planning. I am helping my folks research some great local restaurants in the city where we are going.

I’m helping my siblings find cool and interesting things for all the kids to do. It will be an amazing holiday.

Which I am going to blow off…

They’re ready to be on their own in the world.

I am going to university out of state in the fall. I have a partial scholarship and money from my grandparents for my education and my future.

My parents cannot hold anything over my head. I am actually going to go on my own vacation with a couple of friends.

My parents are not abusive or anything. They are just old.

And my siblings are from a different generation than I am. My oldest brother is literally old enough to be my father.

They treat me more like a child than a sibling.

I am interested to see how their vacation goes without me along. Obviously I cannot help them pre-plan child care.

And the reservations at some of the restaurants do not include me or the kids.

Also the days they are having adult outings they have planned for the kids and I to be elsewhere.

My oldest niece is only 15 so I don’t think they will leave her in charge. But they have been grooming her to take my spot when I go to school so maybe they will **** her over.

Not really my problem.

Let’s get the facts straight.

A couple of things before I hand myself over for judgement.

I have been clear several times in the past that I do not want to babysit. I have asked for payment and been told that my being on vacation is my payment.

I do love my family but I don’t like them much.

Like I said my parents are old and if they weren’t Catholic they probably wouldn’t have had me.

My siblings do not treat me as an equal. Which is fair. I’m 17 and just finishing high school.

They are all working professionals. We do not have much in common.

I love my siblings but they do not treat me like an aunt like they do with my sister. I am more like the oldest cousin.

And lastly I have spent a long time thinking about this. I am okay with screwing them all over.

We went on a family trip to Spain last summer and I didn’t get to do anything I wanted to do, besides go to the beach, because I was watching the kids.

So I missed out on the Guggenheim in Bilbao and the Prado in Madrid. Along with other things.

That was the last straw.”

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