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Awful Neighbor Tried To Enforce HOA Rules, But She’d Just Been Seen Letting Her Dog Poo On A Neighbor’s Lawn

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

You hear it again and again…and again!

People who like to preach to others but they can’t seem to handle it when someone gives it back to them.

Take a look at what this person did when a nosey woman decided to get into their business.

Let’s get started!

Crazy homeowner’s association enforcer gets a taste of her own medicine.

“I’m house sitting at the moment for my cousin. He and his boyfriend live in a pretty swanky neighborhood full of McMansions.

Nothing too fancy, just your common upper-middle class suburban development.

Anyhow… over the past few weeks they’ve been having a new porch installed on the back of the house. The crew has a trailer parked out front so they can lock up their tools at night.

No big deal right?

Apparently it is.

Who could it be…?

This evening I get a knock on the door.

I’m always wary of solicitors, so I make it a point to look out the window before answering the door. After hearing the doorbell it takes me a minute to get to the window.

As I look outside I see a woman walking away with two little dogs. One of the dogs stops and proceeds to **** on my cousin’s lawn.

I wait until the dog is done and open the door. By this time the woman is beginning to walk away but she sees me and turns around.

She introduces herself as a board member of the HOA (homeowners association).


She looks VERY annoyed.

Without taking a breath she launches into a lecture about the trailer parked out front, how she’s “lucky to have walked by and caught this egregious violation of the HOA rules” and how the trailer is an “eyesore on the neighborhood”.

She says she won’t report me to the board and suggest a fine if I remove it immediately.

I calmly inform her about the patio construction and how the crew needs to store their tools and materials at night, but she’s absolutely foaming at the mouth about how “tacky” it is to have a trailer in front of the house and (again) it’s against the rules.

I calmly inform her that I am not the homeowner, nor the owner of the trailer and there isn’t much I can do about it (especially at 6:30 PM on a Friday night).

Nevertheless, she’s adamant that I do SOMETHING.

By this point I’m fed up with this woman, who obviously has nothing better to do with her evening than bother her neighbors with garbage.

I look at her and casually ask “just out of curiosity, what’s the fine for not picking up after your dog if it ***** in someone’s lawn?”.

How do you like that?!?!

I tell ya, the look on her face at that point was classic.

She stuttered for a minute before telling me she would “have to look into that….”

I told her I’d be grateful if she did because my cousin has been suspecting a neighbor of letting their dog poop in his lawn, so he set up a video camera in the window to catch the culprit.

Upon hearing that, she got a little flustered and told me to tell the patio crew to hurry up, then she walked away with a huff.

A small victory to be sure, but quite satisfying nevertheless.”

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She definitely didn’t see that coming!

What a delicious little tale.

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