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Wife Surprises Her Husband With An Early Father’s Day Gift, But He Wasn’t Too Pleased About It As It Came With So Much Work

by Heide Lazaro

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Father’s Day is a special day to honor and appreciate the hard work of our dads. If anything, this day should be planned where they can relax, spend time with people they love, and just do whatever makes them happy.

However, in this story, the wife not only refuses her husband’s “me time” with friends but also asks him to do a lot of work.

All under the guise of a Father’s Day gift.

Find out how the story went, especially when the husband expressed his not-so-thrilled reaction to her “gift”.

AITA for not having an excited reaction to my wife’s surprise early father’s day gift?

34M here. I’m not sure how to start this, so I’ll just get right to it.

My wife surprised me with a gift that, when presented, I didn’t really have the best reaction.

My wife had the day off, and wanted to have a day with her friend to watch Bridgerton and drink mimosas. Since she was having her day with her girlfriend, I decided to get a couple rounds of disc golf.

The wife had other plans.

I get off of work and do the daily chores (garbage, walk dog, feed myself).

As I am leaving to walk the dog, I tell the wife that I’m going to play disc golf after I’m done.

To which she replies, “Well, maybe you shouldn’t. I’ll tell you when you get back.”

This already kind of dampened my mood as I had a long day, and getting some light exercise in some clear weather sounded quite nice.

Not to mention, I’ve made said plans with a couple people which now I may have to cancel.

Not the biggest deal right?

She had a gift for him, but it turns out, it came with a lot of added responsibilities.

Now that’s out of the way, here’s the meat and potatoes.

She got me a grill, and not only that, I have to now go pick up the said grill, assemble it, and prepare dinner for guests.

Because it’s nice out, she invited friends over for me to cook for.

He wasn’t happy about it.

It was presented in a manner of “I got you a grill and invited our friends over, and when you get it, put it together so you can use it.”

Needless to say, my internal self was screaming, and the stress meter moved up a bit.

He tried to be cool about it though.

I gave a “Oh, cool” and tried my hardest not to seem ungrateful, but the surprise seemed very impulsive and just created a ton of work for me to do.

So, I cancelled my plans.

The wife was clearly expecting a better reaction from him.

Wife cancelled the pick up order due to my “ungrateful attitude”.

We are now going to go out to eat with said people, and we are now in a fight.


Let’s see how Reddit users react to this story.

Looks like we’re getting a lot of NTAs.

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Something to give the wife so she can understand why he felt the way he did.

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According to this user, this is what a genuine gift looks like.

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This one thinks the wife is very hard to please.

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Yup! This is exactly what it was.

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A sincere gift should make him happy, not compel him to do something he doesn’t like.

Moms and wives should learn from this story.

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