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Woman Was Rude To Him At A Dog Park, So He Got Her In Hot Water With A Tow Truck Company Next Time He Saw Her

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge/Unsplash/@mnelson

Rude people…you’re being put on notice.

Because people are sick and tired of dealing with your shenanigans and they’re fighting back!

Just like this guy did when he got a bunch of grief at his local dog park.

Check out what he did!

Can’t follow the rules at the dog park? I might not be able to fix it, but I can make it expensive.

“I regularly visit my local dog park with 2 of my dogs.

We have a great neighborly relationship with several of the regulars, and it really is a highlight of my day to go to the dog park. (I always make a joke that I’m going to just stop bringing the dogs at some point because I think I get more out of it than they do.)

My local dog park is easy and convenient for me to use, and it’s even more convenient because my brother lives in the house that is next to the dog park, with his grassed side yard being directly on the other side of the dog park parking lot.

The dog park regularly runs out of parking spots, and there are clear signs on the edge of my brothers yard that say “no parking on grass- vehicles will be towed at owners expense.”.

It’s okay for them to do this…

Well, due to this little familial perk, I have taken to just parking on his grass because my brother said I’m more than welcome to, and it keeps a spot open for others who may need it. This will be important later.

So, about 2 months ago, somebody new decided to begin using the dog park with their 2 chihuahuas, and they immediately broke two rules- first, they didn’t leash in the area that is leashes only. Second, they brought their Chihuahas into the big dog area.

They tried to be nice about it…

I politely told this lady that she needed to take her Chihuahuas out because they were snapping at several dogs, including my hound dog who is not real smart, so my hound dog wasn’t getting the message, and the Chihuahas were getting really aggressive to the point that one of them tried to bite my dog.

She responded by telling me to **** off. I left and went over to my brother’s house and made sure my dog was OK. He was.

This continued for several weeks, her dogs in the big dog area, without leashes from the car to the gated area, But I was a little upset that even after calling the county no one was holding this woman accountable to the rules.

Finally, I decided to just change my schedule. So, I staggered my time of going to the dog park, and I started getting there so I could leave when Chihuahua lady arrived. She came at the same time every day (I did too, it isn’t uncommon for people to have specific dog park times), and I was able to avoid most interaction.

That is, except for the one I was looking forward to.

So, one morning I had the boys leashed back up on the way out, and as we were walking to my car, there wasn’t any parking available. I saw Chihuahua lady pulling in.

This was gonna be good!

She was looking for a spot, and I said to her “I guess you can park over on that grass once I leave” She says “I didn’t think that was allowed” I said “Oh yeah, I park there all the time, just wait for me to pull out and take the spot”.

She said “thanks! Wow! I appreciate it”.

So, I pulled out, I saw her pull in right behind me, and I called my brother (who works from home) and let him know that somebody had parked on his grass.

I asked him to call up the tow company and have them towed, and ask them to come quick. He was a a little puzzled as to the reason for the urgency, and I explained the situation, and who this was.

Well, he calls me back 20 minutes later and says that the car is hooked up to a wrecker and that there is an angry lady screeching at the tow tuck driver telling the tow truck driver that she sees people park there all the time.

At this point, my brother went outside and explained that the only car that is ever there is his brother’s, and that his brother is the only one allowed to park there. AND that he saw her pull in this morning when his brother left- directly behind him.

The lady continued to scream, and the tow truck driver said “if you pay the unhook (?) fee of $300, and the owner agrees to it, you can just move your car.”

Well, my brother is a nice guy and figured my plan had gone far enough, so he agreed. The lady had to shell out $300 right there in front of him, and the tow truck driver unhooked her and took off.

She looked at my brother and said “your brother is an *******”, got her dogs in her car, and drove off.

And even though that lady still won’t change her ways, at least I got to feel a little better about the situation.”

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That’s what you get for being a jerk!

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