June 9, 2024 at 7:36 pm

Woman’s Neighbor Wants Her To Change Her Cat’s Name Because She Thinks It’s Offensive. She Refuses To Do It.

by Matthew Gilligan

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We’ve come to this, huh…? People getting offended by a cat’s name?

Come on, folks! This is insane!

But this woman wasn’t having it! Did she act like a jerk?

Get all the details below and see what you think.

AITA For Not Changing My Cat Name For My Offended Neighbor?

“I have recently moved into an apartment with my boyfriend and my 2 year old black cat, Lucifer.

Despite naming him Lucifer we also call him Lucy and Lulu.

Some of the friendly neighbors visited our place with gifts as a welcome gesture and it did not take long for us to know that one of their 7 year old daughter’s name is Lucy.

Oh, boy…

The mother(who did not visit our place before and probably heard from the other neighbors) had been knocking our door asking us to change the name of our cat because they are Christians, and linking my cat name “Lucifer”, which we also nickname “Lucy” to their daughter “Lucy” is offensive.

The cat is black, the little girl is black too, thus ******.

I declined her request as my cat was named even before we moved in, so it was just a coincidence that their names were similar.

What’s more, my cat is a strictly indoor cat and nobody would probably hear me calling him “Lucy” or “Lucifer” outside our apartment, in fact nobody would have known that we owned a cat.

What to do?

The neighbor is getting rather upset over this and even my boyfriend said that changing Lucifer’s name is not a big deal, we could even lie to her that we have already changed his name.

I said no, why should I change my cat’s name or lie about him changing name when it is really none of her business?

I don’t want to give in to her over such silly reasons.


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Sorry lady…it ain’t happening!

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