July 1, 2024 at 6:36 am

Stressed Out Taco Bell Worker Vents To DoorDash Driver About Work Woes. – ‘Managers only make $14 an hour.’

by Laura Lynott

Source: @brencewalters/TikTok

Sometimes it feels like the robots taking over would be a blessing, with the work piling up for some of us humans!

And this was the exact experience for this poor human – a Taco Bell worker – who vented to a DoorDash driver at the drive-thru about just how bad their day was getting.

TikToker and DoorDash driver Brence Walters was waiting in the drive-thru at Taco Bell and while waiting, he recorded a chat with a Taco Bell staffer.

Source: TikTok/@brencewalters

The poor female employee sounded completely overwhelmed. Cue rescue robot! No, not yet… But soon…

The female worker said: “Right now, I’m the only one making and taking both orders at this time. So, if you’ll be patient, I will be with you as soon as I can, but we got at least five minutes because of the size of the order I have ahead of you.”

Source: TikTok/@brencewalters

But it didn’t stop there.

She told the driver how she had only one other staff member there to help and they had to “focus on cleaning”.

Then the kicker.

She added: “Or else I’m going to be stuck here well past 6am.”

Source: TikTok/@brencewalters

Then came the moment of solidarity. Brence asked her: “Oh, my gosh. Do you guys feel like you get paid enough to do this?”.

The other employee (who was on cleaning duty) responded: “Nope. We only get paid about $12 an hour.”

The female worker added: “And managers only make $14 an hour, which is still not enough. Just give me a moment, darling.”

Source: TikTok/@brencewalters

Brence responded: “No worries.” The clip ended there but it said so much about how a lot of workers feel today in an economy where wages haven’t increased and just about everything has got more expensive.

While demands seem to have also increased in a lot of jobs!

The caption on the clip read: “Doing #Doordash tonight and came across a Taco Bell manager +1 other employee going THROUGH IT at an Indiana store on Valentine’s night.”

Do you ever feel totally overwhelmed at work and how do you handle it?

Watch the full clip here:


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Here’s what people thought of the clip:

Kindness costs nothing!

Source: TikTok/@brencewalters

Solidarity between workers!

Source: TikTok/@brencewalters

Such a lovely woman!

Source: TikTok/@brencewalters

People are stressed out there.

Make sure to give them a break when you can.

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