Mar 27, 2012

The 15 Greatest Animal Photobombs of All Time


It’s a bold statement but these are the 15 greatest animal photobombs the Sifter could find around the web. Various list posts and Google image searches led us here. Further investigation on Tineye and Reddit allowed us to actually find the original source and authenticate over half of the images (there are a ton of Photoshopped animal photobombs online). We’d love your help identifying the original source of the other half :)

If you feel strongly about any glaring omissions let us know in the comments below! Now have a chuckle over these incredible animal photobombs!



15. Cat Photobombs Self-Portrait



14. Cat Photobombs Dog



13. Llama Bombing in Machu Picchu, Peru



12. ‘Falcor’ Dog Photobomb

Photograph by Ozale on Reddit



11. ‘Kiss This’ Fish Photobomb



10. Troll Pigeon in New York City

Photograph by nomdeweb on Reddit



9. Photobombing Bull in Pamplona, Spain



8. Wedding Bombing Llama



7. Happy Hippo Photobomb



6. The Infamous Seal Photobomb


Surely many of our readers have come across the picture above. It’s a widely circulated Internet classic. What you may not know (and apologies for possibly spoiling the photo) is that it’s a well-cropped version of the image below. While still an excellent photobomb, it loses some luster when you see the full frame. But fear not! There’s a better seal bomb to come :)




5. The Great White Shark Bomb



4. Pigeon Bomb at the Duomo in Milan, Italy

Photograph by wilko2205 on Reddit



3. Fish Head in Koh Tao, Thailand



2. Suddenly. Seal.

Photograph by Michel Watson



1. The Greatest Squirrel Portrait of All Time!





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