May 15, 2009

The Friday Shirk Report – May 15, 2009 | Volume 5

definition of shirk The Friday Shirk Report   May 15, 2009 | Volume 5

Welcome to the Friday Shirk Report where you will find 25 images, 10 articles and 5 videos from the previous week of sifting. Enjoy!

What up now son? This is how we do.
Emo pigeon
Manatee Ramirez
The condo on the right is ridiculous. Every unit has a pool. Great view too…
This is what happens when you play Guees Who with Jules
Look into my eyes human
Never lose you imagination
So you don’t like them old-time bikes huh?
Protesting in style
George Costanza after his candy lineup is ruined: Twiiiiiiiiiix
After gymnastics class things get wild
Freeeeeeeedom, 18,000 strong
Silverback vs Hippo who wins?
Right Crazy place. Right Crazy time.
Why so serious?
Damn it was tight in there.
Abe Lincoln in Escape from L.A. 7
This isn’t passive aggressive. It’s just plain brilliant.
Terrier Tate – Officer Linebacker: Jacked Up!
Telephone poles deserves better signs like this
85% of people know you can use stats to prove anything
Jonathan. Short in stature but big on ideas. Our generation’s Aristotle
You’re doing it wrong
Graffiti never lies
TEH WINNAR! Ingenious sign hack FTW

4-foot Jellyfish washes ashore
DR Nick – “Inflammable means flammable? What a country”
What’s 10 billion times stronger than steel?
Of all the things to run into
The endless photograph. Click for days
Before radar there were these
Giorgio Armani’s yacht
Crack Gardens, Urban
A stadium made of 230,000 beer cans called the Stadium of Dreams. Regulators. Mount up.
Remember the dude who gave Maverick the bird in Top Gun when they were………..inverted? Yeah he’s the commander of the space shuttle mission that’s fixing the Hubble telescope.

Travis Pastrana backflips on a tricycle
A grown man’s move
Who needs television when you have cats?
In case you missed it. This decided the semi-finals in the Champions League this year
The Greatest Promotional Video Ever by Kenny Powers

May your weekend be long!

sign hack The Friday Shirk Report   May 15, 2009 | Volume 5

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