May 29, 2009

The Friday Shirk Report – May 29, 2009 | Volume 7

definition of shirk The Friday Shirk Report   May 29, 2009 | Volume 7

Welcome to the Friday Shirk Report where you will find 25 images, 10 articles and 5 videos from the previous week of sifting. Enjoy!

Stop the Infidels!
You may call me……Mus-tat-che
What’s better than an aqua dump? A midair fuel dump
It’s all about perspective
Contrast is everything
Rice fields in Bali
Real talk.
Never knew that was on his iPod
Fact: Sex sells
Logan Rider
“[insert drug here] is a hell of a drug” – Iggy Pop
The ironing is delicious
The truck you racist
Lunar-induced seizure
This image is somehow NOT photoshopped
Actual fail.
How gymnasts pass a ball to each other
What are you looking at?
Good question, right?
Monkey suit defined
So real it looks fake.
Tommy Tonka and the Flatbed Factory
The Wolf is taking over. Caveat Emptor
Do you like Tennis?
My name is Tony Mon…

Cool sidewalk art
The ‘8’ [pools] Outdoors
Cool chainsaw art
Huxley vs Orwell, who was right?
10 Yachts that are not cheap
Banned on Broadway! No more cars allowed.
Light art performance photography (LAPP) is a one-shot time bulb exposure capturing an entire performance of movement traced with colorful light
When bad ideas come to fruition
Trippy Illustrations from Christian Olson
How to turn everyday objects into WMD’s

Now you know what a Pygmy Jerboa is
Jersey Boys. Bro, my gawd.
Of all the cars it had to hit mine? Seriously?

The Juice vs Korean BBQ

The Hottest Stunt Real in the World Right Now

Weekend Warriors Unite! Enjoy Yourself 🙂

tony montana The Friday Shirk Report   May 29, 2009 | Volume 7


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