Jan 21, 2012

Picture of the Day: The Infinity Edge Aquarium




zero edge infinity pool aquarium Picture of the Day: The Infinity Edge Aquarium


The ZeroEdge Aquarium by ZeroEdge Aquariums and Water Features is designed in such a way that the water overflows the surface and spills over all sides of the aquarium creating a “zero edge”. The overflowing water is so seamless that until you touch the aquarium you wouldn’t realize that the water is actually spilling over.

As the water flows over the edge of the aquarium it collects along the “Perimeter Drain Channel” and drains into the sump located in the cabinet below. The water is then pumped back up through returns lines located in the bottom of the tank. The major key to its successful operation is that the water maintains an oxygen rich quality and a magnified crystal clear view. These tanks are interactive and very easy to take care of, they can be viewed all the way around including from above. There are no unsightly cords or powerheads to detract form the beauty of the tank. For more information visit: ZeroEdgeAquariums.com