Mar 19, 2013

21 Examples of Cut Coin Jewelry Art


Cut coin jewelry art is a popular method of turning coins into jewelry. Most cut coin art is achieved by drilling a small hole (or holes) into the coin and then using a jeweler saw (which has various types of blades) to cut away parts of the coin.

Many artists tend to focus on the stamped figure of a coin, cutting away the space around them so it appears to float within the border. While the images you see here are close-ups (so you can appreciate the detail), it’s important to remember how small some of these coins actually are. The intricate and precise skill required is truly impressive.

For those wondering about the legality of such a craft, in the United States it is perfectly legal (18 U.S.C. §331) so long as you don’t try to represent the coin as anything other than an altered coin. For example, you can’t change the date of a coin and try to pass it off as an earlier version and you can’t claim it is an original if it has been altered.

There are numerous artists online selling their work on Etsy, eBay or their own personal site. I happened to search through Etsy, but a simple search for Cut Coin Jewelry will yield many results.

All of the pieces below are available for sale online and you can go directly to the sale page by clicking the name of the artist below each coin. Most of the examples below were done by Rob Johnson who runs the Etsy store petsalad. I personally found much of his work to be the most interesting.



1. Bronze Half Penny – Great Britain, 1959

cut coin jewelry (4)



2. One Silver Dollar Coin – Panama, 1947

cut coin jewelry (2)



3. One Sol – Peru, 1960

cut coin jewelry (6)



4. Buck and Doe U.S. Quarter

cut coin jewelry (7)



5. 10 Pfennig – Germany, 1901

cut coin jewelry (18)



6. One Crown – Isle of Man, 1996

cut coin jewelry (15)



7. 25 Cent Coin – Bermuda

cut coin jewelry (14)



8. Silver Half Dollar – United States, 1944

cut coin jewelry (3)



9. 5 Ore – Sweden, 1950

cut coin jewelry (1)



10. 20 Drachmai – Greece, 1930

cut coin jewelry (13)



11. 5 Hryvnia – Ukraine, 2010

cut coin jewelry (12)



12. 5 Ore – Sweden, 1950

cut coin jewelry (11)



13. 200 Peso – Colombia, 1994

cut coin jewelry (20)



14. Penny – Australia

cut coin jewelry (8)



15. 2 Dollar Coin – Canada, 1996

cut coin jewelry (5)



16. 1 Dollar Coin – Western Samoa, 1974

cut coin jewelry (16)



17. 6 Kruezer – Austria, 1800

cut coin jewelry (10)



18. One Pound – Ireland, 1996

cut coin jewelry (19)



19. Sterling Silver Crown – Great Britain, 1889

cut coin jewelry (9)



20. One Dollar – Sierra Leone, 1997

cut coin jewelry (17)



21. Silver Dollar – United States,

cut coin jewelry (21)





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