Sep 6, 2022

10 Times the Future Was Predicted With Incredible Accuracy

Believe it or not, sometimes people or movies or TV shows actually do predict the future…even if they didn’t really set out to.

And here are 10 perfect examples of that weird phenomenon coming true.

Take a look!

1. He was right on the money.

Pattinson did a good job, too!

Mark Millar predicted The Batman from batman

2. Get paid to play video games?

Get outta here!

This Far Side comic from 1990 from agedlikewine

3. This was from 2017.

We all know how that turned out…

Screen Shot 2022 09 01 at 3.24.05 PM 10 Times the Future Was Predicted With Incredible Accuracy

Photo Credit: Time

4. Wouldn’t you know it…

Here’s a video of Iron mike punching someone on a plane who was mouthing off…

Mike T. Punching a guy in a plane from agedlikewine

5. Boy, were they ever right…

There’s no escape!

Man predicts mobile phone technology in 1953 from agedlikewine

6. Oh, they went there!

Check out this video of McDonald’s using the song in their commercials starting in July 2020.

And they do do do from agedlikewine

7. The Simpsons is always right about everything.

In March 2019, Disney owning 20th Century Fox became official.

The Simpsons calling it in 1998. from agedlikewine

8. Tyler the Creator called it.

He won the Grammy for Best Rap Album in 2020 and he had an Adult Swim series from 2012-2014.

9. This guy said this on Twitter in 2019…

And Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness was announced later that year at San Diego Comic-Con.

This tweet from agedlikewine

10. I’ll just leave this here.

There you have it!

Fox News in Idiocracy vs. Fox News IRL from agedlikewine

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