Dec 9, 2022

What Do People Just Pretend to Like? Here’s What Folks Had to Say.

Oh, boy, I think this list could be ENDLESS.

Because some people get influenced by trendy things and try to convince other folks that they like them…I’m looking at you, lots of craft beers…

But enough about what I think!

Let’s see what AskReddit users said they think people only pretend to like.

1. Sweet leaf.

“Totally convinced that the smell of weed is a good answer to this.

I don’t care what kind of weed it is, it all smells god awful to me. I’d even call it vomit-inducing.

I refuse to believe anyone out there is being honest when they claim to love it.”

2. Hyped up.


A bit controversial but everyone praises her like anything she’s done in her career has been remotely groundbreaking.”

3. When does this become fun?


I used to run 3 miles a day and never got a runner’s “high” just super winded.”

4. Had enough!

“When people show you pictures of their children.

Nobody cares about your children.”

5. Not for everyone.


They all taste like pine needles.

I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.”

6. That was wonderful!

“Childhood plays.

Never was there a bigger mass charade in my life than the applause after a half-baked play.”

7. A lot of work.

“Going to weddings. Even worse is BEING in a wedding.

My wife was asked to be a bridesmaid and of course she said yes. She also wasn’t working so yours truly got to pay for the dress, the shoes, hair, makeup etc.

No they did not get a gift.”

8.  Pretty boring.

“Drag shows. It’s literally just guys lip syncing dressed as women.

They were probably fun back in the day when it was something unique but now it feels like people watch them to show others how supportive of LGBTQ they are.”

9. Yucky stuff.

“I’m convinced no one likes fennel.

I’ve yet to hear the phrase “you know what would make this better? Some fennel.”

I h**e the stuff. Can’t stand it when it’s included in a dish.”

10. So bad.

“Tyler Perry movies.

It’s ok not to like that c**p.

Don’t feel obligated.”

11. A hot take.

“The beach.

Everyone’s like, “Yay, the sun! Let’s go enjoy the sun at the beach!”

And then they have to bring massive tents and coolers full of cold drinks to make the sweltering heat and lack of shade bearable.

“Hey, let’s go swimming in the ocean! So refreshing!” Yeah, let’s swim in a salty soup of fish s**t and decomposing seaweed, stepping in I-don’t-want-to-know-what, and then be covered in sand as we trudge back to our urban a**ault vehicles to nurse our sunburns.


12. Thirsty?

“Coconut water.

It’s human sweat masked in aesthetic packaging.”

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