August 20, 2023 at 1:10 pm

‘It literally felt like wolf of wallstreet every morning meeting.’ People Talk About Industries They Think Are Legal Organized Crime

by Justin Gardner

Industry Organized Crime AR It literally felt like wolf of wallstreet every morning meeting. People Talk About Industries They Think Are Legal Organized Crime

We live in a world that is, well, unfair in a lot of ways.

Yes, it can be infuriating, but there are some things you just have to accept.

And one of them is that there are industries that exist that are basically legal, organized crime.

Let’s hear from AskReddit users about this.

A big one.


L. Ron Hubbard admitted in a letter to a friend two or so years before he designed Dianetics that the plan was to create a religion for profit because people are stupid enough to believe anything for the sake of security.

How can even the most powerful of Scientology leaders see that and think, “Huh, well, time to cover it up,” knowing they’re being exploited as much as the people they, in turn, exploit??””


“ISPs/Cable providers.

They are almost literal monopolies who try their best to pretend they are something else to get legal protections they don’t deserve.”

Need a replacement.

“I h**e payday loans, but when i was in a place in my life where I used those for a while there was zero chance any other person or business would lend me a dime.

I was a terrible credit risk, but i needed quick cash to tide me over. If we’re going to abolish these places then someone needs to come up with a replacement.”



They buy their own tickets and sell them at a mark-up, they are scalpers.”

Legalized bribery.


Yeah, the idea behind lobbying makes sense in theory: Congress members can’t be experts on everything. If congress is all voting on a measure regarding the environment, or gun safety, it makes sense to have people who work in those fields coming to provide their expert advice to congress so they can make an informed decision.

Somewhere along the line it just morphed into legalized bribery.”

How is this legal?

“Debt collectors/collections agencies.

I have a $38 debt from a book club that I never signed up to, that sent me one book.

Every five years they pop up on my credit report for a year and disappear. How the hell is that even remotely legal?”

Ripped off.

“Tow truck companies.

Legally allowed to steal your vehicle and force you to pay exorbitant fees to get it back.”


“Timeshares. And I worked for one.

The amount of lying, manipulation, and down right negativity in that work environment was horrifying. I worked front-line sales. Salespeople would talk down on tours just on the fact they’re attending it for free tickets or something, calling them “poor”.

It literally felt like wolf of wallstreet every morning meeting. Talking about how “it’s OUR MONEY. You want to be making 100k, 120k a YEAR? THEN DO ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING TO GET THAT SALE!”

We told people the presentation would be 90 minutes, but it was 2 hours minimum before my TO would get to my table. And “exit” would try and sell them on cheaper packages if they didn’t buy from me.

I was honest when I worked there. Told them the truth about timing and how 2 other exit salespeople would pursue them after me.

Some coworkers drank the kool-aid and believed that our timeshare was the BEST in the business. In some regards, yeah, but man… Did they push for a sale at every angle.

Just based on my personality alone I was able to close a few deals, but I was let go because I wasn’t closing 30% of the time. My average was 20% and a large majority of my exits bought because it was a cheaper package.”

Not fair.

“Car insurance.

I’m 61 years old, have been driving for 45+ years, and have never had a claim due to my personal fault. (I’ve been hit and run and have had windshield repair claims).

First they dinged me extra because I was a male and young, then they dinged me because I wasn’t married, pretty soon they are going to ding me extra because I’ll be a senior citizen. It’s just not fair.”

Annoying people.


I work for a garbage company (like a company that actually hauls garbage but, yeah, it’s also a garbage company) and this one area we operate in was hit by a bad winter storm so all operations were shut down for a week.

This one HOA president kept calling in demanding we come service them. We couldn’t for a few obvious reasons and when the weather finally cleared and we began operations again we had to service the big priority properties first like hospitals, doctor’s offices, schools, food service, etc.

She kept calling in saying her HOA was more of a priority than hospitals.”

Scammin’ folks.


Religion In general, but those mega churches and their TV preachers begging money from poor suckers just infuriates me to no end.”

Be careful out there, fam!