September 16, 2023 at 9:12 am

‘Every time I order pizza it’s made without care.’ Domino’s Customer Ordered Under the Name “Johnny Depp” To Get A Better Pizza And It Worked

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@hauntedbeauty

Hey, you never know what kind of little white lies will help you get some free or extra stuff in life, so it’s worth a shot, right?

And a TikTok user decided to use the name “Johnny Depp” for their Domino’s Pizza order to see if the folks at the store would make a difference in the food they received.

The person said, “Every time I order pizza it’s made without care. So I order now as a celebrity. Today, I ordered as Johnny Depp.”

Source: TikTok/@hauntedbeauty

The person showed viewers the results of their “Johnny Depp” food order.

The said, “Oh, these mfs actually put sauce on the top and it’s not a sauceless burned mess.”

They also claimed that they chicken Alfredo was made with care this time.

Source: TikTok/@hauntedbeauty

When they opened their pizza, they said, “Oh, **** these mfs didn’t clump all the toppings in one slice. Damn that pizza looks good as heck.”

They also thanked Johnny Depp by name when they opened their second pizza and were obviously pleased with the results.

Hey, maybe this trick does work!

Source: TikTok/@hauntedbeauty

Check out the video and see what you think.


Using a celebrity name @Johnny Depp to order @Domino’s

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Now let’s see what folks had to say about this.

This viewer made an EXCELLENT point…

Source: TikTok/@hauntedbeauty

Another person might have made the best comment of all time.

Source: TikTok/@hauntedbeauty

And this TikTok user said the workers won’t see the name on the order until after they’ve started preparing it.

Source: TikTok/@hauntedbeauty

This is a legit hilarious plan. 10/10.