September 25, 2023 at 3:10 pm

‘Lawyer up and quick!’ Woman Is Sued By Her Homeowner’s Association For $10,000 After They Raised Fees By More Than 400% And She Couldn’t Afford The Fees

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@chantellerose_

The more stories I hear about Homeowners Associations (HOAs), the more those organizations sound like a nightmare.

And here’s another story that just adds fuel to the fire.

A woman named Chantelle posted a video on TikTok and talked to viewers about the nightmare she’s going through with her HOA in Atlanta.

Chantelle said, “If you plan on ever buying a home, do not, I repeat, do not ever get a home with an HOA.”

She said she bought her home five years ago and back then she was paying $200 a month to her HOA.

Source: TikTok/@chantellerose_

In the past five years, the HOA raised the monthly rate to $450 even though no additional services have been added.

Chantelle said, “Apparently they’re just allowed to do that with no rhyme or reason.”

The HOA then made a decision to waterproof the crawl spaces under homes in the neighborhood, and the monthly rate was raised to $950 per month for seven months.

That’s a lot of money…

Chantelle said she missed the first few payments and then reached out to the HOA to tell them she couldn’t afford the new rate.

Source: TikTok/@chantellerose_

The HOA hired lawyers to sue Chantelle instead of letting her go on a payment plan and they want her to pay the monthly HOA fees she missed AND for her to pay for THEIR lawyers.

She said, “Now I owe my HOA $10,000.”

Chantelle then added, “I literally don’t have it. What you want me to do?”

Source: TikTok/@chantellerose_

Here’s her video.


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And here’s what folks had to say about it.

One person said she needs to get a lawyer…or else…

Source: TikTok/@chantellerose_

Another viewer who is a realtor offered some good advice.

Source: TikTok/@chantellerose_

And this TikTok said HOAs can be disbanded if people get together and get it done.

Source: TikTok/@chantellerose_

This is truly crazy, and should absolutely be illegal.