September 25, 2023 at 6:49 pm

‘Not only are you paying for your food, you’re paying for the other person’s food.’ Server Says Customer Left Dog In Hot Car And Demanded Refund When Cops Were Called

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@sassyserver0529

Animal cruelty has to be the lowest of the low. We can’t even imagine leaving man’s best friend in a hot car but some folk have zero empathy!

This server gives her point of view when a customer leaves their dog in the car while they eat in the restaurant where she works in Atlanta, when it’s 102c outside!

@Sassyserver0529 tells her followers: “I was just coming into work and as I was passing through cars in the parking lot – it’s like 102 outside – and I noticed this dog in the car next to me and the window is not rolled down. And the car is not running or anything. And that dog looks super hot.”

Source: TikTok/@sassyserver0529

The server re-enacts telling her boss what happened, saying, “They’ve gotta be in here somewhere. Can you figure out where they are. And get them to let their dog out?”

Putting on glasses to play the part of her boss, the TikToker responds: “Are you kidding me now. What kind of car was it and what color?”.

Source: TikTok/@sassyserver0529

The server responds: “It’s a black Audi. How you gonna find out whose car that is?”

Posing as her boss again, she replies: “I will go from table to table and ask them.”

After asking everyone in the restaurant, no one owned up to leaving the dog in the car. The staff were left with no choice but to call the cops.

The server told her followers: “Now I don’t know how cop magic works but they get there in four minutes and they’re able to call this person.  I guess they had their phone number registered to their license… I don’t know.  But I see this table get up and run outside.

“The lady is livid.  The cop is like:  ‘You can’t leave your dog in a car, it’s like 102C in Atlanta right now. You cannot leave your dog in your car.’

The TikToker says the woman customer said:  ‘I’m not done eating yet.’  While the cop responded ‘I don’t give a flip.’

The server added: “So this dried out biscuit comes inside and was like ‘I need a refund for my food because the cop is making me leave with my dog.’

Source: TikTok/@sassyserver0529

The server re-enacts what she said to the cruel customer: “Absolutely not. Not only are you paying for your food, you’re paying for the other person’s food, with you. And I hope you get your car towed and go to jail.  Who leaves their dog in the car?!”

Watch the full clip here:


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The takeaway – is there cop magic?!

Source: TikTok/@sassyserver0529

Anyone and everyone wants that refund!

Source: TikTok/@sassyserver0529

A very serious message behind never leaving a child or animal in a hot car alone.

Source: TikTok/@sassyserver0529

Man… this guy had a lot of gall.