October 31, 2023 at 1:42 pm

A Woman Received A Creepy Message From Airbnb To Immediately Leave And Not Tell the Owner

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@_spookytooth

The call is coming from inside the house!

Okay, that’s not exactly what happened here, but this story kind of reminds me of the old horror movie When A Stranger Calls…and I’m talking about the original, not the remake, FYI.

A TikTokker named Casper posted a video and told viewers that she received a message while she was staying at an Airbnb.

Source: TikTok/@_spookytooth

The text overlay on the video reads, “When Airbnb tells you to check out immediately and don’t tell the host.”

Source: TikTok/@_spookytooth

The message left Casper perplexed and it ended up taking her a little while to figure out what was going on…

Source: TikTok/@_spookytooth

Let’s take a look at the video.


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Casper posted a follow-up video and explained what happened. She said, “Airbnb contacted me and told me to immediately leave my Airbnb without telling the host. On Thursday we checked in an Airbnb at 7 pm. We fell asleep shortly thereafter and got a phone call at 7 am. I was asleep, so my boyfriend did not answer this phone call.”

She continued her story and said, “Around 9 a.m., we checked our Airbnb website messages and we got messages from Airbnb telling us to check out immediately, the host does not know about this situation and they will not know until we leave, and to contact Airbnb as soon as we get out of there.”

She said they didn’t know what was going on so they packed their bags and left right away.

She said she’s still confused and added, “I have no idea what happened, we only know what the host told us, but it was scary and now we’re at a nice hotel, so it worked out. So, thanks Airbnb, for this super sick hotel room.”


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Casper shared another video and showed TikTok viewers screenshots of her conversations to offer proof of what happened.


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Now check out how folks reacted.

One viewer shared some thoughts about being an Airbnb case manager.

Source: TikTok/@_spookytooth

This individual saw a movie that really scared them off of Airbnbs.

Source: TikTok/@_spookytooth

And this TikTokker had a really bad experience at an Airbnb rental.


Source: TikTok/@_spookytooth

Airbnb is supplying us with all kinds of weird stories these days…

And this is one of the stranger ones!