October 17, 2023 at 4:29 am

‘Saw one last night and went to war!’ A Woman Shared A Humane Hack For How To Get Rid of Mice In Your Home

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@kirstengifty

Winter is fast approaching and you know what that means…

Mice are gonna try to sneak into your house through every little place they can squeeze into!

But there might be a new solution to keeping those critters out.

A woman named Kirsten posted a video on TikTok and showed viewers how she keeps mice out of her townhouse during the cold months.

Source: TikTok/@kirstengifty

In her video, Kirsten filled up a spray bottle with water and added peppermint oil to the mix.

She used blankets to block off open space under doors and then she sprayed the mixture onto walls, the carpet, and the doors in her townhouse.

Source: TikTok/@kirstengifty

The final step was running a mop over the floor.

Hey, it just might work!

Source: TikTok/@kirstengifty

Let’s take a look at the video.


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And here’s what folks had to say.

This person has a different method for getting rid of mice.

Source: TikTok/@kirstengifty

Another individual was thankful for these tips.

Source: TikTok/@kirstengifty

And one person said people need to do a complete inspection of their homes for openings that critters can squeeze through.

Source: TikTok/@kirstengifty

And this person said it’s on!

Source: TikTok/@kirstengifty

It’s always nice to see a humane way to deal with critters.