October 3, 2023 at 2:39 pm

‘You out your McChicken crazy mind.’ Guy Ask Why McDonald’s $1 Menu Items Have Increased In Price By 300% And More

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@kevonstagetiktok

This guy’s calling on McDonald’s to bring back its $1 saver menu to offer those fighting inflation a chance at “survival.”

Though this is an incredibly funny video – there’s a serious message at the heart of it, as the TikToker points out just how expensive McDonald’s has become.

“What happened to this country? We used to be a proper country! $4.29 for a McChicken, $3.19 for a cheeseburger… this ain’t no McValue,” the guy told his followers.

Source: TikTok/@kevonstagetiktok

The guy said he recalled a time in 2009, when a McDonald’s value meal was “integral to my survival.”

He added “a dollar used to mean something in this world.”

The TikToker compared McDonald’s menu to another American favourite and said the Golden Arches needed to take note!

He said:  “Costco’s still down to $1.50 for that hotdog. I don’t care what’s in it now…. when you ain’t got a lot, you don’t ask too many questions.

“Costco figured it out! Ronald McDonald, come out of that clown makeup and get these prices under order.”

Source: TikTok/@kevonstagetiktok

He said “children of the world” needed the McDonald’s dollar meal, along with college students and adults. “$4 for a McChicken, you out your McChicken crazy mind,” he added.

The poster said that for $2 back in the day he could buy two McChickens….but now, he was stunned that the menu says “$4 for one sandwich, how we supposed to survive.  Go back to a dollar man, do whatever you gotta do.”

Source: TikTok/@kevonstagetiktok

Here’s the full clip:


What happened to the dollar menu?!

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And folks were very hot on this topic:

Ouch!  Canada!

Source: TikTok/@kevonstagetiktok

Some folks are not buying those prices!

Source: TikTok/@kevonstagetiktok

And that’s some inflation on ice-cream!

Source: TikTok/@kevonstagetiktok

Inflation is all too real, y’all.

Time to start cooking at home.