November 10, 2023 at 3:42 pm

Airbnb Guests Showed A $1,250 Per Night Rental That Was The Weirdest House They’d Ever Seen

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@nldoty

You’d like to think that you’re getting a nice, safe, comfortable place to crash when you book an Airbnb.

Especially if you’re spending this kind of cash!

We’re talking $1,250 a night, folks…and a group of people who paid that HUGE sum shared a video on TikTok that documented how the house they rented in San Diego turned out to be an “Airbnb from Hell.”

The man who posted the video said this place was a “sorry excuse” for a house and, get this, the 4,500 square foot house is being listed for a whopping $5 million on Zillow right now.

The first problem was one that one of the “bedrooms” was actually in the garage of house, there was no ventilation, and it was separated from where a car parks by a piece of sheetrock.

Source: TikTok/@nldoty

He then asked his fellow guests to show what they weren’t pleased about in regard to the Airbnb.

One person talked about the house’s “reclining toilets.”

Source: TikTok/@nldoty

And then there was the air conditioning.

Each room had its own AC unit in a lockbox and if the guests wanted to use them they had to pay an extra $25 per day, per room.

Source: TikTok/@nldoty

Another visitor showed viewers how the shower handles just popped off the wall…yikes.

Source: TikTok/@nldoty

There were also beds in various parts of the house, including some in the same room, and one in the basement of the house separated from the room by a curtain.

Source: TikTok/@nldoty

And the shower in the downstairs area had mold and the water took more than 12 minutes to get hot…they knew this because they timed it.

But they weren’t done yet!

The other strange things shown in the video included an oven that doesn’t work, a shopping cart from a grocery store in the garage, and a strange door that was locked but apparently led to a wall with a mirror facing a bathroom.

They also showed viewers a ledge behind one room that anyone could easily fall off onto a stairwell and get injured.

Source: TikTok/@nldoty

And the place was dirty, on top of everything else.

Check out the video.


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Here’s what people had to say.

This person thought one feature was pretty interesting.

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Another TikTokker said they need to get a refund.

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And this individual said there was one bright side to this story.

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Well, we’re glad they showed the world this crazy Airbnb rental.

How weird!