November 29, 2023 at 3:47 pm

‘Honey, that’s illegal.’ A Woman Was Called Immature After She Abruptly Quit Her Job

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@potato_munchkin420

Well, that didn’t go very well!

A woman posted a video on TikTok that showed her tearfully quitting a job and she was taken aback by the response from her manager.

Uh oh…

Source: TikTok/@potato_munchkin420

The video showed the young woman walk up to her manager and say, “I’m sorry, I quit. I’m done.”

It’s not clear what led to her quitting, but it’s pretty obvious that she was upset.

Source: TikTok/@potato_munchkin420

The manager’s voice off-camera said, “Well, that’s not very mature.”

Her response: “You’re not very mature.”

I think it’s safe to say that this working relationship is DONE.

Source: TikTok/@potato_munchkin420

Check out her video.


Shes 64 btw and im 24

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A follow-up video showed a text message she got from her boss where they threatened to withhold her last paycheck.

The caption reads, “Honey, that’s illegal.”


Replying to @Patar420 honey, thats illegal 😘😘 also the key is literally worth $10

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Here’s how people reacted.

This viewer made a good point.

Source: TikTok/@potato_munchkin420

Another TikTok user said she made the right move.

Source: TikTok/@potato_munchkin420

And this individual said some people in power can be so unprofessional.

Source: TikTok/@potato_munchkin420

Sounds like these two did not see eye to eye.

Good thing she left this job!