November 29, 2023 at 11:37 am

House Flippers Called The HOA On Her, So She Wrecked Their Sales Plan By Making Her House Look Trashed

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Pexels

Oh, boy…

If you know about how insane some people can be when they join HOAs, then this story is going to make PERFECT sense to you.

So what are you supposed to do when an HOA starts making demands?

Well, all you can really do is maliciously comply, like this person did.

They shared this story on behalf of their mother.

“Call the HOA because my yard is “devaluing” your house? Alright, I’ll have it clean by the inspection date.”

This is my mother’s story. She has always been incredibly hardheaded, but this sticks out a lot from my teenage years.

Once a year she always had us pull everything out of the garage (lots of boxes my mom has a concerning amount of possessions) so we could go through it and clean/reorganize.

Not everyone was happy about this cleaning-up process.

This particular year the couple who owned the house across from us (flippers) where in the process of selling their house. Unhappy with my mothers “unsightly” driveway covered in boxes soiling their good image, they made a call to the HOA.

By the time my mother received the letter, the mess had been put away, but they decided to get her on a few other complaints such as the bikes against the side of the house and the “patchy” gravel. She had two weeks to have everything up to standards.

Petty and easily frustrated, my mother knew immediately who called since the couple had come over and told her flat out with their renovations they were selling that house for “way more any other house and this neighborhood” and would appreciate if she respected that by keeping her property on par.

She knew what she had to do for the next two weeks…

For the next two weeks every box from that garage was in our driveway. The couch and the living room TV came next.

This was early summer, so it was perfect weather to sit in your yard in your short shorts and sports bra. My mom made sure to wave and smile every time they brought someone over for a showing.

And then, for the cherry on top!

The final step came at the end of that two weeks though. After the yard had been cleaned up and cleared by the HOA, my mom went to the local walmart and bought a for sale sign.

She wrote about 1/4 of their ridiculous asking price on it and finished off with a big SOLD written across the front and stuck it out in our yard.

No clue what they ended up selling their house for, but it sat empty for a while so I’d assume it was below offer.

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