November 19, 2023 at 6:41 pm

‘I’m 17 and my stepbrother is 17. We both have our driver’s license.’ Teenager Wonders Why His Brother Got A Free Car And He Didn’t

by Trisha Leigh

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As parents, we try our best to make sure there is no feeling of playing favorites among our kids. That said, we all have to admit that sometimes we just can’t make everything even.

OP’s dad and stepmom appear to not even have tried, however, because while his stepbrother (same age) received a car as a gift, OP received $600 in the form of a gift card.

I sound like a real jerk but I’ve completely lost my mind over this.

I’m 17 and my stepbrother is 17. We both have our driver’s license.

I just found out 5 days ago that my dad and stepmom bought a used car for my stepbrother. They got me a 600 dollar gift card to best buy.

I know $600 is a lot of money but what the heck? Am I crazy or is it super unfair? It’s literally the straw that broke the camel’s back.

He moved back with his mom full time and isn’t ready to forgive and forget, even though his dad has apologized.

I’m actually so mad that I’ve moved to my mom’s house full time.

My dad seems to be genuinely sorry and told me he’s looking for a car now but that it’ll take a while.

I messaged him back saying that I’ll decide if I want to see him after he decides to be fair for once. I’ve ignored all other calls and messages from him since.

His stepbrother is mad, telling OP he’ll share if he just stops causing tension around the house, but OP’s not there.

My stepbrother messaged me saying that I need to chill out and that he’ll let me use his car. He also said that I need to stop complaining and ruining everyone’s Christmas.

I told him to get in his Civic and lose my number.


Should he let it go? I bet Reddit has some thoughts on that one!

The top comment says OP is absolutely not wrong to be hurt.

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This person agrees, but thinks OP might give his stepbrother a break.

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They’re surprised the parents haven’t figured this out after seventeen years.

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And this commenter applauds OP for putting his foot down.

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Some thought we might be missing some key info, though.

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I hate to think there are so many parents like this out there.

Because based on Reddit, it really seems like a lot.