May 5, 2024 at 11:16 pm

A Rude Driver Wouldn’t Stop Making Noise in Their Alley, So They Left A Note On His Windshield That He Couldn’t Scrape Off

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@ninjason

This story reminds me of something from my past…

When I was about 19, a guy used to get into his vintage muscle car in front of my apartment building around 6:30 am and rev his car as loudly as possible over and over again for about twenty minutes.

I almost lost my mind… ugh!

Check out how this person dealt with such a situation!

Obnoxious Driver in the City.

“So this goes back 25 years.

I lived in Richmond and my apartment overlooked the alley next to the main road.

Each night at 2 AM or so, a guy would park in the alley, but crank up his music to wake everyone up. A few folks would yell down to no avail.

This will show him!

So I wrote a note on a post – it note telling him to stop it or we would all get back at him. I put the note smack dab in his line of vision on the windshield.

But I put super glue on the back of it. So when he went to rip it off, there would be a bright pink line stuck right in vision!!

Take that!

He could certainly get it off, but had to get a razor and scrape it slowly.

Petty? You bet!

Did he stop being a jerk? You bet!”

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Petty revenge!

You gotta love it!

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