November 18, 2023 at 3:28 pm

IRS Claimed That He Owed $20,000 In Taxes. He Reveals They Misread His Income By $72,000, But Wants Him To Pay $60 To File An Appeal.

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@maxxfenning

Y’all, this is an important video that we want ALL of you to pay attention to…

Because it could save you some money AND a lot of headaches in the future.

A guy named Maxx posted a video and told viewers that he ran into a major problem with the IRS…to the tune of $20,000.

Maxx said he received a letter from the IRS saying that he owed “over $20,000 in taxes and have to pay a $4000 fine for understating my income in 2021” and he told viewers that was inaccurate.

He carefully read over the 8-page letter and determined that the IRS made a mistake and he said, “I discover that, apparently, our government is not aware of what a decimal point is because they read $800.00 as $80,000.”

Source: TikTok/@maxxfenning

He was then told to fax a form to the IRS to resolve the issue.

Maxx then said, “I would wrap the curly cord of my 1990s home phone around your neck if I had one fax. I can email you a PDF. Sincerely, best regards, please note the attached document, passive-aggressive smiley face.”

Maxx hilariously described the experience and said, “I drive to my local FedEx, have the person behind the counter show me how to operate this World War II tank of a communication device like it’s an industrial textile loom, and I’m an 8-year-old child she hired in the 1920s to crawl into the small, dangerous spaces she can’t reach, putting my little 1099 in the mouth of this torture device from before the Great Recession of 2008.”

Source: TikTok/@maxxfenning

Maxx told viewers, “write your Congressmen, women, people, to include Gmail or even Outlook in the federal budget. I’m sure they can afford it, considering they keep trying to steal all my money!”

This guy is quite a character!

Source: TikTok/@maxxfenning

Now let’s see his video.



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And here’s how people reacted.

This person said the IRS is clueless.

Source: TikTok/@maxxfenning

Another person shared a story about their client.

Source: TikTok/@maxxfenning

And this person made a funny comment about the fact that the IRS still uses fax machines.

Source: TikTok/@maxxfenning

Always double and triple-check your tax info, people!

You never know when the IRS might screw something up…