November 7, 2023 at 6:38 am

UPS Destroyed This Person’s Laptop And Wouldn’t Replace It So He Ended Up Getting Financial Revenge

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/@chuckitbuckit

Come on, UPS!


The story you’re about to read will most likely make you pretty annoyed with the shipping giant because this person had a particularly bad experience with them.

It all started with a smashed MacBook…

So I recently had a run in with UPS…

“UPS smashed a nearly new MacBook that I sent with them. I asked them nicely to pay me back for it and they arsed about (blaming me, blaming my packaging, saying it was impossible they damaged it etc).

I was able to prove my packaging was flawless and get a statement from the Apple shop that I took it to to say it was damage caused by being dropped/thrown. I could also prove it worked when I sent it.

But they were jerked around…so they decided to take legal action.

They weren’t interested and messed me about for weeks, sending me from pillar to post, even threatening to make me pay interest on customs charges which I wasn’t liable for as the laptop was smashed on arrival and thus worthless at import.

I took it to small claims. They hired a lawyer who sent me letters saying they contested it and would go for full fees etc if I lost. I went for it anyway, I did law stuff university so I knew the basics and I thought my case was pretty clear cut. I won. I won my costs back, plus extra, plus interest.

They ignored the court order and did not pay.

This also turned into something VERY personal for the individual who wrote this story.

Now, this laptop was originally being sent to my beloved mother in law. She asked me to help her with the problem as UPS were also seriously harassing her for the customs fees. However very unexpectedly, before I could resolve it, she passed away.

It was the last thing she ever asked me to do for her. I loved that woman more than pretty much any human on this planet, she was my mother, my best friend and my mentor. Taking down UPS was now my personal vendetta.

And they didn’t care about the money anymore.

I researched my options, I could have taken the usual (more conservative) legal routes to reclaim my money. But no. **** them. I don’t care about the money any more. I want revenge, I want drama, I want karmic justice.

I went to the high court. I got a writ of control. I, of course, added on more fees and more interest. I then hired the most aggressive bailiff firm in London. I trusted that the bad processes and attitude of UPS to mean they would ignore the letters and actually get a visit. They did.

And things escalated from there.

The bailiffs rock up at UPS headquarters, and explain the situation. UPS refuse to pay so the bailiffs start listing goods. Security try to make them leave, the office manager tries to bully them out. Obviously no ***** are given by the bailiffs and they crack on with their jobs. I wasn’t allowed the body cam footage but they did send me a detailed report. The final conclusion is copied from it below:

“Calls were then made to the accounts manager who arrived in a hurry. As no payment was forthcoming from them the agent again explained the removal process and costs involved and called the office for approval to begin removals. The agent began to seize assets.

The Finance director then arrived on the scene. He was not at all happy about the attendance, but ultimately agreed to pay a voluntary payment in full from his personal account in order to stop the removal.”

That is what sweet, sweet revenge looks like.

I know it’s a drop in the ocean to UPS, but I got more than double what I originally asked for to replace the laptop. They would have had to pay even more on top in fees to the bailiffs. I reckon it cost them at least 3x more than the original claim in the end.

But mostly I just enjoy the mental image of the flustered finance director and his impotent rage, having to pay his own money to stop the heavies taking desktop computers and fancy pot plants and things out of their swanky head office lobby.”

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This person – 1. UPS – 0.

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