November 22, 2023 at 3:28 am

Woman Warns Paris Tourists The Beverages They Buy Off The Street Are Stored In Sewers. – ‘I’ve put worse things in my mouth.’

by Justin Gardner

Source: TikTok/@americanfille

Ew! I didn’t see this one coming.

Amanda Rollins, aka @americanfille, posted a video recently showing some guys with a bunch of bags that look like they were stuffed with water bottles.

Source: TikTok/@americanfille

You might not be able to make it out in that first image, but you can clearly see this guy lifting up a piece of the sidewalk in this closer shot.

Source: TikTok/@americanfille

Amanda reveals the truth: “Yes it is true that they store the water, the beer, the whatever they’re selling you on the street, they store it in the sewers.”


Source: TikTok/@americanfille

She continues: “This one isn’t so bad because it’s in bags, they’re wrapped up in bags, it’s a little bit better. Are there still rats and cockroaches and stuff running around? Yes, but at least that’s in a bag.”

Source: TikTok/@americanfille

But the most horrifying part of this… the ice!

Amanda is still spilling the tea: “I’ve also seen them do it with just a bucket. Like a bucket of ice and they just pull it out. It’s a known thing that they store them there.”

However… Amanda goes on to reveal something pretty crazy, but you’ll have to watch the video to find out.

Spoiler alert… a lot of people know this about the beverage storage… but they don’t care.


Storing waters in the Paris sewers lol #paris #parissewers

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So what did the comments section have to say?


This person doesn’t think TikTok paints Paris in a very good light.

Source: TikTok/@americanfille

Sounds like Paris needs to do an influencer campaign, because the memes about it being an armpit are spreading!

Source: TikTok/@americanfille

And somebody asks the obvious question… what’s up with these easily accessible sewers?!

Source: TikTok/@americanfille

That last comment, though… 10/10 Parisian burn. I lol’d at that.

But this comment… *chef’s kiss*

Source: TikTok/@americanfille

All I know is I want to party with Amanda. She seems like a lot of fun!

Stay safe out there, fam!